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Last year we wrote a blog this time of year about taking the pressure off of making the standard “New Years Resolutions.” We touched on just making little goals for yourselves and making them more attainable. This year we would like to do something similar but more of a twist to it.


In 2015 we want everyone to focus on all the GOOD that happens and not focus on any of the bad. 2014 seemed like it hit everyone pretty hard so we want to not look back and really mean it. Too often we let ourselves focus on the bad things that happen to us in our day to day lives and not reward ourselves when we do something that is awesome or when something amazing happens. Yeah, we are thrilled at the time it happens but then when it’s over, it’s just kinda – over.


Not this year! We want everyone to make a special 2015 Rememberlutions Jar. With this jar you can decorate it however you want and get ready to fill it with every wonderful experience you have in 2015. Big or small. Did you meet a celebrity? Write about it put the date and put it in the jar. Did you help out at a local food drive? That’s awesome! Put it in the jar! No matter what awesome thing you did this year write it on a small piece of paper and put that sucker in your Rememberlutions Jar.


At the end of the year you can open the jar and reflect back on all of the awesome things that happened in 2015. Even if things do get rocky at times you will have this jar to keep you going and seeing it fill up will be a great reminder that things aren’t all bad.


Have a wonderful new year everyone.


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  1. Hi guys. Happy new year. I think that’s a wonderful idea. You are so right we do forget about the good things that happen to us and seem to focus on the bad. What a brilliant idea to keep us focused on the positive instead of the negative. As the saying goes positive thoughts bring positive things into our lives. Thanks to a great start for 2015.

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