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Sagittarius – Sex and Astrology

Sagittarius the 9th sign of the zodiac is the Archer, able and reliable. Sagittarius’ are gregarious, light hearted in demeanor, and generally optimistic. They usually have many acquaintances and few close friends, which is a shame because they make the best friends out of all the signs on the zodiac. Sagittarius’ make great leaders; they are interesting, likeable, and usually very well respected. Having a good sense of perception and judgment many Sagittarius’ end up in the military, having an inborn ability to lead. In their own personal lives, Sagittarius can be susceptible to emotional distress, which can often lead to mood swings and flightiness.
Common Characteristics of Sagittarius: Good natures, optimistic, restless, energetic, honest, careless, philosophical, freedom-loving, honest
Ruling Planet: Jupiter   Color association: Mauve, violet   Birthstones: Turquoise, amethyst, topaz

SAGITTARIUS: A most good-natured sign with the fiery disposition and a lively appetite for some adventure. They are usually ready to go and are one’s to be impressed by impulsiveness. Being upfront and honest about things is what seems to be extremely important to this sign so laying out the cards might be a good way to start things off. There is a tendency of putting there foot in there mouth because they are so honest about opinions and terrible with secrets.

Women: They can attract men easily and if they are inclined to keep you they’ll make sure to do just that. She’ll be helpful in anything you need assistance in but she’ll do so in an honest way, sometimes it hurts.

Men: Happy to initiate and or try out some new technique you’ve heard, but not so happy about the foreplay to get you into the mood he’s in. There is no plan in his chaos of passion because he feels that his instincts are there to make things happen.

Lover’s Bonus: They might be clumsy about getting you into the bed but those are just small details they make up for it once they’ve gotten to the delights of exploring. Find one of those round beds in a spacious room, light some candles and you’re on your way. Nothing will stop Sagittarius once it’s going if there are any distractions they’ll just get it out of the way and keep doing what they do best. I should warn potential lovers that if there’s a small hint of manipulation or if you’re artificial they’ll call it quits. There’s nothing wrong with compliments but stroking their ego to get them in bed will only fail.

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