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By: J Nighteagle




Holding a bow and arrow forever pointed toward wider horizons, Sagittarius is on a perpetual quest of discovery. You are idealistic and seek to understand life’s highest potentials. The glyph for Sagittarius is the arrow of the Archer, with a dividing crossbar hinting at duality, indecision and restlessness. The lower part of the shaft suggests an animal nature, while the tip points to expression of great physical and intellectual energy.


Early spring favors quit reflection. Jupiter, your ruler, is retrograde until April 9. This may involve a spiritual retreat, as your 9th house is highlighted. Finish any partially completed projects. Mid-April through May 7 a Venus transit through your sector of partnership has you rejoicing at the success of someone close to you. Dedicate May Eve rites to blessing your closest relationships.


By mid-May Mars will oppose your Sun. This competitive influence lasts until June 24. Don’t make demands or issue ultimatums. Remain good humored. Approach volatile situations like a game and all will be well. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 2 pivots around several mutable sign placements and ushers in a very busy cycle. Get organized to relieve stress and move forward during the weeks before the summer solstice.


July brings a sense of reprieve as Saturn will have excited your birth sign. This lighter, more relaxed tone lingers until September 18. When Saturn reenters Sagittarius. July 24 – August 7 favors study, travel and public speaking as a great trine of in fire signs is emphasized by Mercury. From mid- August through the autumnal equinox, Venus and Mars trine your Sun bringing enhanced vitality and charisma. Enjoyment of various creative projects, social gatherings and sports will peak during late summer.


October brings Venus, Mars and Jupiter together in Virgo, your 10th house of fame and fortune. Opportunities for professional recognition are present. Greater respect for status are likely. Remain dedicated and make an extra effort. Unexpected developments can take your ambitions in a new direction. Talkative friends offer ideas concerning the All Hollows celebration, as Mercury affects your 11th house.


November 1 – 12 brings a contemplative mood, as your 12th house is accented . Avoid crowds, enjoy a solitary walk, revel in the late autumn scenery and heed nature’s omens. On November 13 Mars changes signs and will sextile your Sun, an aspect that will remains until early January. This is a very social influence, and invitations to various gatherings arrive.



Mercury conjoins your Sun November 21 – Dec 9. You will be exceptionally eloquent, and your words can inspire others . Write a yuletide poem or story and make copies to include with holiday gifts and cards. Travel appeals to you near your birthday. From the winter solstice through December 31 your 2nd and 8th houses of finances, earnings and investments are activated. The Full Moon in Cancer on December 25 illuminates the specifics. Devote spiritual rites to prosperity magic. Budgeting, free cycling and bargain hunting are worthwhile now.


Venus enters your sign as the New Year begins. Jan 1 – 23 adds beauty to your life through love, music and creative projects. Jupiter turns retrograde in your carrier sector by mid – January, a trend which continues through the end of winter. Be aware of repeating patterns at work. Manage your time wisely. Your reputation precedes you. At Candlemas reflect on healing troubled memories. Light candles with the intent of understanding and releasing the past while brighting a clear path toward the future.


Feb 8 – 29 brings Aquarius transit to your 3rd house. Inspirational ideas arise during conversations. The time passes quickly, and you’ll be busy.


Mars enters Sagittarius on March 6. Your energy level will be exceptional the rest of the month. Home life and living arrangements are changing due to the total solar eclipse on March 8. A move is possible. Your mood is fiery. Control impatience and anger as winter ends.


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