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Scorpio – Sex and Astrology

Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac; this comes through especially in the way people are naturally drawn to them. Scorpios are especially effective peace makers, and excel in positions that rely on negotiation. The ability for a Scorpio to adapt to new situations is one of the hallmarks of this sign. Scorpios tend to have very strong personalities, and be very sensual; they seek deep and meaningful contact from a significant other, and above all, loyalty. Additionally, they usually have only a few close friends, which they keep for a long time, their intense qualities, can have a polarizing effect, making them as many cursory friends as enemies.
Common Characteristics of Scorpio: Bold, dynamic, jealous, Impulsive, stubborn, mysterious, emotional, powerful, leader, secretive, adventurous, determined, magnetic, passionate, creative, will-power, obsessive, keen.
Ruling Planet: Mars/Pluto   Color association: Crimson, blue   Birthstones: Topaz, turquoise, ruby

SCORPIO: Sexual activity seems to just come naturally to Scorpio, but it’s not the act itself that’s attractive. It’s the end not the means that gets Scorpio hot to trot. There’s a primal passion laced with the ultimate need to uncover the mysteries of a lover that drives this sign. They like secrets, are mysterious, and have spiritual connections to life and death hence the reason they are the sign of regeneration. This lover likes to possess and feel possessed because it plays a huge role of the extremist within Scorpio. This is a VERY jealous sign so you can’t play games or try to put up a façade. They can see right through it and in most cases they will not tolerate that type of behavior if it does not suit their needs.

Women: She’s everything you want and need simply because she chooses to be. She’s ruled by her passions and she won’t completely give herself over to you. You’ve got to earn that and be understanding when only pieces of the puzzle come. Word of the wise, if the sex is bad consistently she’ll most likely not stick around.

Men: He’ll want to indulge into the depths of intimacy in a very private kind of way. He’ll like sharing his profound experiences with you mostly because he kind of needs it. This man is capable of casual sex but he’s genuinely interested in finding a consistent relationship. Once he’s securely finds that type of relationship he’ll be a very loyal lover for all time.

Lover’s bonus: Let them catch you in their web, undress you with their eyes, and don’t fear being consumed passionately. They’ll like making your fantasy into a reality and feel that if you’ve got it flaunt it. Any types of sexual expressions are something the Scorpion just loves and will appreciate. Be it different positions, toys or simply a good role play fantasy. Laughter is something of a turn on because let’s face it this sign just needs a good laugh through all that serious intensity. So use some witty dark humor, be open to emotional depth and prepare to be consumed by this passionate lover.

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