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By: Erin



Scorpios are known for being very powerful, mysterious, intense and fearless people. They have confidence for days and are not afraid to try new looks and show some skin. Scorpios radiate sex and danger and their style shows it. Scorpios are very mysterious beings and they like dark, bold, and solid pieces are staples in their wardrobe. One of the things that Scorpios love the most is to strike when people least expect it so and it shows when it comes to accessorizing. They love to push the boundaries of fashion but always look fierce!



The Everyday Look


I decided to use Orange Is The New Black star Taryn Manning as our celebrity inspiration for this look for a number of reasons but mainly because she radiates sex and intensity. Taryn, who’s birthday falls on November 6th, is a great representation of Scorpio style. She chose a very low cut shimmery mini-skirt dress that shows a lot of cleavage and a lot of leg. Scorpios will take any opportunity to show off some skin, and this low cut dress is doing just that.


For most Scorpios, black needs to be incorporated into their outfit somehow. Taryn’s black cropped leather jacket adds an awesome “bad girl” touch. When it comes to their feet, Scorpio women love boots. Boots of any kind will do. Scorpios have to have a couple pairs of boots in their closet. Taryn’s low cut black boots are a great touch to the outfit and she looks absolutely amazing.




A Night On The Town


Expect to see a lot of bold fashion on the red carpet from our next celebrity Scorpio Jena Malone. She’s staring in the second installment of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. In this picture Jena is on the money with her short sexy black dress. The top of the dress has bold, unique embellishments that add a very creative spin to the “little black dress” that every woman should have in their closet.


She’s got Scorpio’s signature look down by showing off her shoulders and long legs. Scorpio women love a great pair of heels. Stilettos, pumps, sling backs, you name it – the key is, they like unique looks. Jena chose a very sexy and fun strapped-heel sandal with a cuffed ankle to add a bit of edge. The shoes are perfect to show off her colorful pedicure to keep it fun.






When it come to accessorizing, Scorpios reign. Much like their outfits (and their personalities) their accessories need to make a BIG statement. Scorpio females love belts, scarves and they’re known for their variety of oversized handbags to go with every outfit. Scorpio women love to draw attention to their seductive eyes and often wear cat rimmed classes or Jackie-O style sunglasses.


Who accessorizes better than the star of E!’s Fashion Police Kelly Osbourne? Well, In my opinion, nobody. This woman is the Queen of all Scorpios. She has it all; the mystery, magnetism, creativity, and she is adventurous when it come to trying new styles. The female Scorpio loves to compliment her outfits with big, bold jewelry like bangled bracelets, huge arm cuffs and large rings. In this picture our purple-tressed goddess is rocking a huge black stone studded ring that matches the studded embellishments on the top of her black dress. Even her manicure is an accessory in this case. She has come a long way from her teen years and now is a style star. Go Kelly!

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