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By: J Nighteagle




Determined and intense, you will always emphasize that which is truly meaningful. The Scorpion scorns shallowness in any form. Co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, your lucky day each week is Tuesday. Secrets ( a favorite subject of yours ) are revealed and favorable opportunities arise when you make decisions on Tuesdays.


Springtime begins with happy chatter. Your sector of love and pleasure is positively emphasized. A sense of discovery and novelty is pervasive throughout April. Health and fitness take center stage. Plan a blessing for good health on May eve. Mars is present within your Sun, promising tremendous strength and vitality. Your sense of adventure deepens. You will yearn to wonder and explore.


Mercury will go retrograde, dreams and visions must not be taken literary. Direct your heightened imagination and creativity into constructive pursuits through the month end. Your house of mysteries and afterlife is highlighted, a past life memory can come to light; spirits from other dimensions communicate. Fate intervenes in plans, so be flexible and observant.


In July group activities provide challenges all month. Use caution in committing to plans. Your field of expertise is changing. You might abandon one career in favor of something new. A residential move can be considered, and family dynamics are shifting.


September is a time for rest and reverie. Take note of dreams near the autumnal equinox. Answers come from within . Allow nature and wildlife to draw nigh. The natural world offers peace and comfort. October finds that social prospects are especially bright as Samhain nears. Adorn yourself. Assemble an especially wonderful costume for Halloween parties and rituals. Initiative is strong. Much can be accomplished near your birthday. Mercury moves rapidly through Scorpio from November 5-23.


November finds Pluto, your ruler, in Capricorn (it will be there for many years). A sibling or neighbor is changing . Don’t be in denial when obvious signs are being sent. Transportation needs are being considered and information exchange is very important. Be alert and stay well informed and all will be well. Pluto’s influence promises to be a positive one, for it is well aspected.


In December home and family will take president, this will last through New Years Day. Entertain at home, and honor the traditions of the season. Art, music, good company, and revelry rule. January finds you being diplomatic when discussing controversial issues. Call ahead and confirm plans. Just after Candlemas, any confusion will clear. Bless a crystal of citrine or aquamarine at the Sabbath to carry as a charm to protect communication and transportation through Winters end.


In February your developing more rapport with either a domestic or wild creature, it will heal you. March creates a positive influence for both love and creativity. Your vitality and motivation will be especially high during the last days of winter.


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