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By Lulu Gleason

So now that we’ve gone through the passionate and sensual signs. It’s now time to introduce the more light-hearted playful ones of the zodiac. The Air sings are more about mental simulation and understanding themselves and others. They have vivid imaginations and are very interested in ‘mind and body’ connections. Air signs include Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

GEMINI: Fickle by nature and let’s just face it what Gemini doesn’t blow hot and cold signals? Mercury is the planet and just like the roman god it was named for, this sign is as far as you can get to straightforward and uncomplicated when it comes to their desires. There’s a duality in this sign and with the symbol of the twins this tends to mean they can have an inner conflict about their wants and desires. They like adventure, intrigue, and have been know to be risk takers especially in the bedroom. They avoid boredom like it was a dangerous plague so they have vast interests. Verbal communication is the master key when dealing with this bed fellow. So be witty and prepare to hear them tell you some things that will make your cheeks pink.

Women: An absolute tease! She’s flirty, seductive, and is always happy taking an active role in sex play. Talk dirty to this girl and you’ll be surprised by a few of her words back because this usually sets the mood for some hot freaky love in her opinion.
Men: The verbal tauter who is going to satisfy you. There’s a very strong imagination when he compliments you. This man likes to dive into interests and keeps the mood light and airy. Mentally simulate and tantalize this sign and you’ll see how far you can go with a man who has a duality of the twins in him

Lover’s Bonus: Go on a unique date, and when the mood arises just do it! Gemini’s are down for whatever whenever as long as they are stimulated intellectually. Laughter jokes and then finding pleasure in conversation are good ideas to have while sexing up your Gemini. There’s only one annoying habit most Gemini’s seem to have and that’s confusing insults with intimacy. For those of the weaker heart just ignore it it’s not intentional. Concentrate on the Gemini’s hands and arms. Lightly touch hands and fingers and make seductive patterns you’ll be sure to get a rise out of them. They are pretty tolerant of most things and expect a partner to be on the same wave length as them.

LIBRA: The natural partner who’s always so eager to please. Just something about this sign is so attractive mostly because there’s a wide variety of beauty connected to the scales. They have wide interests so they can pull up any type of topic to cater to their mates. There’s also a very fragile ego, so make sure you reassure and show appreciation to your Libra lover’s good taste. An easy sign to get along with and they tend to want to please their partners. Sex is an art so sexy time needs to be created in the right environment. This means beautiful things, exploring pleasures and flattery towards the scales is going to get you far.

Women: She’s a flirt, charming, and when she smiles, it will light up her entire face. She demands romance and attention to the seductive details. She’s in love with the idea of love and for that moment it’s you.
Men: The refined gentlemen who has an eye for beauty. They are good at balance so give and take is something he’s more than prepared to do in the bedroom. He’s turned on by the mental idea of sex more so then driven by lust.

Lover’s Bonus: The romance machine of the zodiac. The scales can mirror wants and desires to insure that their partner is satisfied but the more conventional turn-on’s are always a sure signal to go. It doesn’t take much to please Libra and their unpredictability when it involves some great sexy time. Always remember when dealing with the scales your dealing with the ladies and gentlemen of the zodiac so keep it classy. To set the mood light some candles and burn incents like lavender, jasmine, or rose.

AQUARIUS: One of the more unusual signs of the zodiac but that doesn’t mean things have to be crazy in the bedroom. Believe it or not it’s the idea of expressing whims and the daring to actually do it in the bedroom is what this sign is into. There really isn’t a very strong sex drive to an Aquarius, but given the chance to explore and simulate a partner, others get the impression that the desire is prominent. There’s a double standard to this sign simply because it has two ruling planets. Sometimes they can appear ridged, but open this sign up and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how flexible they really are. The water barer is futuristic and they tend to believe that passion has led the world into chaos. In their own relationships they try to right that balance.

Women: There’s always a conflict between desires and status quos. But if the doors of passion open up this lady will not disappoint. Most likely she’ll take lovers who are friends because it’s a compliment in her opinion. She’ll usually make the first move if she’s interested and up for just about anything so prepared for some surprises from her.

Men: He wants to share ideas, envision a better world, and direct eye contact to maintain a stimulating connection. He doesn’t like messy emotions and would prefer to keep sexuality free of constraints. He’s open to how people want to live out their sexuality but in his own he might not be as open about it as he would lead you to believe.

Lover’s Bonus: Being unconventional, spontaneous and having knowledge are a huge turn-on for this lover. This sign thrives in electrical energy so sexy time with the TV on with no noise, and the stereo playing your favorite songs is a good option. Have a plethora of books, videos or games ready because a major turn off is sameness. They like trying out unique places for love play and it would keep things interesting. At home try Tibetan incense, intense conversations about how life could be in the future while stroking the hands and wrists. You’ll see sparks fly.

Join me next time with our last blog posting with water signs.

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