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By: Lulu Gleason

So we’ve just discovered those hotly passionate signs of fire. Now let’s take a good look at the most lusty sensuous signs out there. Earth signs are very ‘feet on the ground’ types. Now this doesn’t mean there isn’t some simmering passion lurking here. There’s a sort of slower pace with these signs that seems to appeal to so many romantics. Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

TAURUS: Sensual, lusty and pretty simple. It’s going to be rather standard sex until the Bull is able to trust and open up. Challenge is written all over trying to get Taurus to do anything they don’t want to do. They tend to take their own sweet time about everything. Trust with them is something you prove over time based on your actions. There’s a real connection to the senses of touch and smell with this sign so don’t be stingy about where they can put their hands on you or be surprised when they try to catch your sent in the air.

Women: A classy lady who’s stubborn. They need a partner who is capable of keeping their interests as well as having both feet on the ground. She’s a bit set in her ways but appealing to her sense might be something to look forward to. Touch is magic to them, sensual kissing anything to be romantic is an absolute must.

Men: The manly man who’s mostly calm and in control. There is no mushy emotional side to this man. He is the ultimate rock who only expects the 4 things in life that keep him happy. Sex, food, money and security – fulfill these basic needs and he’ll stick around and show you how happy you’ve made him feel.

Lover’s bonus: The neck is a very sensitive place for Taurus so kissing, licking, and tenderly clutching the neck as you kiss is a major plus. Solid actions are huge here since Taurus aren’t one to directly say something if they’ve shown you the answers. Ex: if you ask ‘do you love me?’ a typical Taurus answer would be ‘I’m here, aren’t I?’. Try a little bit of light bondage toys like handcuffs. Think ‘ownership’ the thought and proof turns them on. Have foods like fruit, nuts, m&m’s, and granola available just in case your Bull gets hungry after they’ve fulfilled your pleasures.

VIRGO: Not one of the more sexed signs of the zodiac but there’s a deep intellect here. They have no issues talking about sex unlike the other earth signs mentioned. There’s need for a plan with this sign, mostly because they are aware of everything going on around them. There’s rules to follow here and regulations with how the mechanics of this works. This doesn’t mean there will be no period of sowing your wild oats but at the end of the day you’ll go back to order. As the symbol of the Virgin everyone assumes you keep yourself aloof to sexual matters. In fact it’s quite the opposite because you want a perfect type of union and as a Virgo there’s an appeal in the pursuit in finding that perfection. It’s a slow and sensual sex style once properly lit.

Women: She’s the prized woman who knows where everything is at home. There’s a love of the idea of seduction and once she’s ready to go be prepared for the lacy practical garments she’ll seduce you with once you’ve convinced her you are trustworthy.

Men: The perfectionist who doesn’t like crumbs in the bed. This lover will have everything planned out perfectly. He’s not one to initiate wild and crazy things into the bedroom but if it’s something you’ll enjoy he’ll be happy to oblige… as long as it’s not too messy.

Lover’s Bonus: You’ll need to be well groomed and avid about details in your surroundings. There’s a sense of rich meaningful sex ahead but you’ve got to prove you’re trustworthy to keep it. Try a lovely dinner with good food followed by a sensual massage. Natural scents or herbal aromas like sage, lemon, or the scent of clean linens would be good aroma to set the mood. Foreplay is a must with this sign so try to set off the imagination. Don’t be critical it’s a major turn off to them when you are.

CAPRICORN: There’s a deep sense of security with this sign. And let’s admit it, sometimes security is very appealing. They are a lusty sign but they have the self discipline to appear cool and collective on the outside. Break that exterior and watch the flood gates open. A word of warning: once you’ve open the door it’s going to be hard to close it again. If Capricorn has a good idea of what ground they are standing on expect them to move forward. Their very loyal and will remain faithful once a commitment is made. Prove unfaithful to them and jealousy will come out in a ‘hell hath no fury’ kind of way.

Women: This might take a while because she needs wooing and does not care for someone who is too eager. It’s important to coax her and getting her ready might be something that could take a bit of time. There’s a love of textures so it’s a plus to have luxurious materials like fur, ivory satin or leather. She’ll look good in and on all of it.

Men: This man likes the classy women who follow the old saying ‘lady in the parlor vixen in the bedroom’. They won’t make the first move until they are almost 100 percent sure of the success. This is mostly due to the fact that in their opinion if you stir the pot something now has to happen.

Lover’s Bonus: They like to know what’s coming so any type of structured sex play is always a good option. Jokes and laughter before getting serious is another way to set the mood. They like the tension and release of sex so don’t be surprised if they just jump right into it. Incenses like sage, sandalwood or jasmine to help simulate the senses and to set a sexy mood. Once they’re ready to go and you’ve told them you were too be prepared for some sensual delights. A list of major turn off’s would include being indirect and irresponsible.

Join us next time for Air signs.

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