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By: Lulu Gleason

I’ve done a lot of research involving love and the signs, but lets face it most of us want to know about how the signs are connecting in intimate ways. Most astrologers tell you that in order to see if someone connects on a sexual level that it involves where Venus and Mars are located in both charts etc. It seemed a bit complicated to me so I’ve devised a list of general basics for each sign. This is the beginning of a 4 part blog where we’ll look at each different sign and how sexy they can really be. For this first part let’s start off with the warmest signs out there now that winter is around the corner. Fire signs consist of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

ARIES: Passionate, hot, and exploding with sexual attraction is Aries. Though it should be said that sometimes there seems to be something missing on an intimate level, but that’s because Aries are not known for the emotional approach to getting dirty in between the sheets. Ruled by Mars Aries partners are straightforward when pursuing their partner. They love the thrill of the chase and if danger is involved it becomes an exciting adventure. The downside to all this would be if Aries feels boredom. The ram needs to have its ego fed and sometimes this is why they seem to have that ‘grass is greener on the other side of the fence’ mentality. They love a good challenge so incorporate it in imaginative ways they’ll be sure to appreciate it.

Women: Highly independent, you won’t see this woman boosting anyone’s ego. They will be direct with how they feel about their lovers. You’ll need to be a strong secure man to handle this fire cracker.

Men: The zodiac ‘tough guy’ who underneath that is a great guy. They LOVE the thrills in pursuit of their partner. Bold, direct with a touch of charm this potential lover is ready for just about anything.

Lovers Bonus: Don’t be ‘easy’ or play games. Be independent and make sure you let them know they are the best you’ve ever had. Tell them something about them that drive’s you crazy. Run your fingers over their face and then passionately grab it and look them directly into the eyes. Remember sometimes Aries can be a bit insensitive in the approach of love or sex but you can always let them know it’s a lot of fun to discover new heights together in the bedroom… if you dare.

LEO: This sign is the center of attention but how can you resist when they are so attractive? Leo’s are a very strong loyal lover and they will do just about anything they can for the people they consider special to them. Leo’s have dignity though so always be aware if they perceive something beneath them they will walk away. Not overly imaginative in the bed with a partner but once you’ve awoken the beast be sure to compliment the ego… a lot. There’s a sense of pride when it comes to the performance and if a partner let’s their sexy Leo know then even more pleasure can ensue.

Women: The prima donna of the zodiac, this sexy girl is seductive and pretty choosy about the lovers she takes on. This sexy kitten wants a macho man who can handle her wildcat side. She’s not overly experimental but she makes up for that in the quality she provides.

Men: Good looking and let’s face it down right sexy. He likes to play and wants someone who’s willing to do that. Well groomed ladies seem to turn this sign on so make sure you look extra good. Compliment and stroke his ego and you’ll never regret it!

Lovers Bonus: Give a lot of attention, undivided, direct and unwavering attention. Keep any types of distractions out of the bedroom because you’re dealing with an uncontrollable, passionate and unexpected time of your life. Light some candles, stroke your lion’s mane, and remember: Men like to dominate and the ladies expect you to make the first move.

SAGITTARIUS: A most good-natured sign with the fiery disposition and a lively appetite for some adventure. They are usually ready to go and are one’s to be impressed by impulsiveness. Being upfront and honest about things is what seems to be extremely important to this sign so laying out the cards might be a good way to start things off. There is a tendency of putting there foot in there mouth because they are so honest about opinions and terrible with secrets.
Women: They can attract men easily and if they are inclined to keep you they’ll make sure to do just that. She’ll be helpful in anything you need assistance in but she’ll do so in an honest way, sometimes it hurts.

Men: Happy to initiate and or try out some new technique you’ve heard, but not so happy about the foreplay to get you into the mood he’s in. There is no plan in his chaos of passion because he feels that his instincts are there to make things happen.

Lover’s Bonus: They might be clumsy about getting you into the bed but those are just small details they make up for it once they’ve gotten to the delights of exploring. Find one of those round beds in a spacious room, light some candles and you’re on your way. Nothing will stop Sagittarius once it’s going if there are any distractions they’ll just get it out of the way and keep doing what they do best. I should warn potential lovers that if there’s a small hint of manipulation or if you’re artificial they’ll call it quits. There’s nothing wrong with compliments but stroking their ego to get them in bed will only fail.

Join me next time with Earth signs.

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