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By: Erin
Sexting is the act of sending sexy, flirtatious messages or pictures, via mobile phones. At this point, I’m sure everyone has heard the term “sexting.” When sexting, there’s a very fine line between fun and filthy.

When done right, it can be great foreplay between two consenting adults. The instant sexual tension created by just the push of a button or the stroke of a touch pad is a taste of other kinds of touching that may take place later on.

Now, in case the mood strikes and you find yourself wanting to hop on the sexy bandwagon, I’m going to share some of the do’s and don’ts of sexting that I found in my research. By using the right words and phrases you will surely get your partner in the mood quickly.

Make sure you and your partner want to try this fun way to get the other in the mood.

DON’T: Send a text to your boss, a one-night stand, someone in a committed relationship with someone else other than you or anyone who isn’t yours or available to you.

And please people, NO DRUNK TEXTING! Just because you’re drunk and want to share some sexy texts at 3am, doesn’t mean your partner will be overjoyed to be getting a drunken message about how bad you want them when you’re inebriated.

DO: Be Creative. If you decide you want to send your partner a sexy pic, make sure it’s tasteful. Remember, less is more!

DON’T: Randomly decide to send raunchy pictures of your “goods” and think that will automatically get your partner going.

DO: Eloquence is your friend. You know why the Bard is a romantic stand by? Because he could write the hell out of a sonnet, that’s why. Try it, see what happens.

DON’T: Write something like “I want u so bad, ur so hott!” This is already known to your partner so don’t be lazy and tell them things they already know. Also, keep the cussing to a minimum…this isn’t a brothel.

DO: Make a joke out of it. Sexting partners often respond best to humor, it pays to be lighthearted. Keep it fun!

DON’T: Joke to the point where your partner might think you are not taking this as seriously as they are.

DO: Be fair and trade evenly. Trading sexy pictures or messages requires a certain level of trust. Make sure there’s some sort of mutual insurance, no trade, no go.

DON’T: Take a leap of faith and send sexy pictures or messages to your partner if you don’t trust that person to not share them with others. If you’re the only one sending sexy pix and messages, it’s not a fair game.

DO: Have some dignity. If you don’t feel comfortable with a request from your partner, say so! If you feel completely comfortable, well, then you’re on the right track!

DON’T: Give in to anything you’re not ready to take on. If you’re not comfortable sending a picture or using certain language, don’t. Also, make sure you’re not the one being pushy. There is, in fact, such thing as sexting rape. Just like in real life, if he or she says no, they mean no. Crazy right?

Some favorite text symbols from the staff:
Gabrielle: ;<> for Kiss, Elly: <3 for Love!, Tammy: @}–\-,— a rose, Erin: :), Laura: (/•ิ_•ิ)/

That’s about it. Pretty simple rules. Just use common sense and you’ll be fine. Happy sexting!
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