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Sex and Astrology

ARIES: Passionate, hot, and exploding with sexual attraction is Aries. Though it should be said that sometimes there seems to be something missing on an intimate level, but that’s because Aries are not known for the emotional approach to getting dirty in between the sheets. Ruled by Mars Aries partners are straightforward when pursuing their partner. They love the thrill of the chase and if danger is involved it becomes an exciting adventure. The downside to all this would be if Aries feels boredom. The ram needs to have its ego fed and sometimes this is why they seem to have that ‘grass is greener on the other side of the fence’ mentality. They love a good challenge so incorporate it in imaginative ways they’ll be sure to appreciate it.

Women: Highly independent, you won’t see this woman boosting anyone’s ego. They will be direct with how they feel about their lovers. You’ll need to be a strong secure man to handle this fire cracker.

Men: The zodiac ‘tough guy’ who underneath that is a great guy. They LOVE the thrills in pursuit of their partner. Bold, direct with a touch of charm this potential lover is ready for just about anything.

Lovers Bonus: Don’t be ‘easy’ or play games. Be independent and make sure you let them know they are the best you’ve ever had. Tell them something about them that drive’s you crazy. Run your fingers over their face and then passionately grab it and look them directly into the eyes. Remember sometimes Aries can be a bit insensitive in the approach of love or sex but you can always let them know it’s a lot of fun to discover new heights together in the bedroom… if you dare.
TAURUS: Sensual, lusty and pretty simple. It’s going to be rather standard sex until the Bull is able to trust and open up. Challenge is written all over trying to get Taurus to do anything they don’t want to do. They tend to take their own sweet time about everything. Trust with them is something you prove over time based on your actions. There’s a real connection to the senses of touch and smell with this sign so don’t be stingy about where they can put their hands on you or be surprised when they try to catch your sent in the air.

Women: A classy lady who’s stubborn. They need a partner who is capable of keeping their interests as well as having both feet on the ground. She’s a bit set in her ways but appealing to her sense might be something to look forward to. Touch is magic to them, sensual kissing anything to be romantic is an absolute must.

Men: The manly man who’s mostly calm and in control. There is no mushy emotional side to this man. He is the ultimate rock who only expects the 4 things in life that keep him happy. Sex, food, money and security – fulfill these basic needs and he’ll stick around and show you how happy you’ve made him feel.

Lover’s bonus: The neck is a very sensitive place for Taurus so kissing, licking, and tenderly clutching the neck as you kiss is a major plus. Solid actions are huge here since Taurus aren’t one to directly say something if they’ve shown you the answers. Ex: if you ask ‘do you love me?’ a typical Taurus answer would be ‘I’m here, aren’t I?’. Try a little bit of light bondage toys like handcuffs. Think ‘ownership’ the thought and proof turns them on. Have foods like fruit, nuts, m&m’s, and granola available just in case your Bull gets hungry after they’ve fulfilled your pleasures.
GEMINI: Fickle by nature and let’s just face it what Gemini doesn’t blow hot and cold signals? Mercury is the planet and just like the roman god it was named for, this sign is as far as you can get to straightforward and uncomplicated when it comes to their desires. There’s a duality in this sign and with the symbol of the twins this tends to mean they can have an inner conflict about their wants and desires. They like adventure, intrigue, and have been know to be risk takers especially in the bedroom. They avoid boredom like it was a dangerous plague so they have vast interests. Verbal communication is the master key when dealing with this bed fellow. So be witty and prepare to hear them tell you some things that will make your cheeks pink.

Women: An absolute tease! She’s flirty, seductive, and is always happy taking an active role in sex play. Talk dirty to this girl and you’ll be surprised by a few of her words back because this usually sets the mood for some hot freaky love in her opinion.

Men: The verbal tauter who is going to satisfy you. There’s a very strong imagination when he compliments you. This man likes to dive into interests and keeps the mood light and airy. Mentally simulate and tantalize this sign and you’ll see how far you can go with a man who has a duality of the twins in him

Lover’s Bonus: Go on a unique date, and when the mood arises just do it! Gemini’s are down for whatever whenever as long as they are stimulated intellectually. Laughter jokes and then finding pleasure in conversation are good ideas to have while sexing up your Gemini. There’s only one annoying habit most Gemini’s seem to have and that’s confusing insults with intimacy. For those of the weaker heart just ignore it it’s not intentional. Concentrate on the Gemini’s hands and arms. Lightly touch hands and fingers and make seductive patterns you’ll be sure to get a rise out of them. They are pretty tolerant of most things and expect a partner to be on the same wave length as them.


CANCER: One of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, cancer has a sexuality that runs very deep with some obstacles in the way. Since the ruling planet is the moon this sign has a connection to the tides and are very reflective of their emotional environment, Cancer is moody so a lover needs to understand and be sensitive to the changes their Crab may experience. Cancer’s can be quite creative between the sheets and they have a sense of variety, but a reluctance to make the first move. Which means you might need to coax them out of their shells. If you spoil cancer rotten then expect them to fulfill your every desire.

Women: She can be involved in just about anything career wise. She’s not one to do the ‘one night stand’ gig simply because she becomes too emotionally invested in the sex. Taking care of her lover is something that really appeals to this lady. So don’t be surprised by all the nice things she’ll be willing to do for you in and out of bed.

Men: He’s the sensitive man that’s in touch with his feminine side. This man like history and wants to have that history with a person. Remember there’s a strong paternal sense with this guy so he’s going to want to take the lead. But don’t worry he’s sure to keep your feelings in mind while he’s romancing the pants off of you.

Lover’s Bonus: Usually during a full moon you’ll see Cancer’s are hot to trot. They like things like family history or connections to family past. Home settings are the best place to have a sexy interlude in their opinion. The chest area is a very sensitive place so circular motions on the stomach and chest is always a good way to coax cancer in the mood. The Crab is very sensitive, so put some soft sheets on the bed and make your skin soft and smooth. I’m almost 100% sure they’ll appreciate it.
LEO: This sign is the center of attention but how can you resist when they are so attractive? Leo’s are a very strong loyal lover and they will do just about anything they can for the people they consider special to them. Leo’s have dignity though so always be aware if they perceive something beneath them they will walk away. Not overly imaginative in the bed with a partner but once you’ve awoken the beast be sure to compliment the ego… a lot. There’s a sense of pride when it comes to the performance and if a partner let’s their sexy Leo know then even more pleasure can ensue.

Women: The prima donna of the zodiac, this sexy girl is seductive and pretty choosy about the lovers she takes on. This sexy kitten wants a macho man who can handle her wildcat side. She’s not overly experimental but she makes up for that in the quality she provides.

Men: Good looking and let’s face it down right sexy. He likes to play and wants someone who’s willing to do that. Well groomed ladies seem to turn this sign on so make sure you look extra good. Compliment and stroke his ego and you’ll never regret it!

Lovers Bonus: Give a lot of attention, undivided, direct and unwavering attention. Keep any types of distractions out of the bedroom because you’re dealing with an uncontrollable, passionate and unexpected time of your life. Light some candles, stroke your lion’s mane, and remember: Men like to dominate and the ladies expect you to make the first move.
VIRGO: Not one of the more sexed signs of the zodiac but there’s a deep intellect here. They have no issues talking about sex unlike the other earth signs mentioned. There’s need for a plan with this sign, mostly because they are aware of everything going on around them. There’s rules to follow here and regulations with how the mechanics of this works. This doesn’t mean there will be no period of sowing your wild oats but at the end of the day you’ll go back to order. As the symbol of the Virgin everyone assumes you keep yourself aloof to sexual matters. In fact it’s quite the opposite because you want a perfect type of union and as a Virgo there’s an appeal in the pursuit in finding that perfection. It’s a slow and sensual sex style once properly lit.

Women: She’s the prized woman who knows where everything is at home. There’s a love of the idea of seduction and once she’s ready to go be prepared for the lacy practical garments she’ll seduce you with once you’ve convinced her you are trustworthy.

Men: The perfectionist who doesn’t like crumbs in the bed. This lover will have everything planned out perfectly. He’s not one to initiate wild and crazy things into the bedroom but if it’s something you’ll enjoy he’ll be happy to oblige… as long as it’s not too messy.

Lover’s Bonus: You’ll need to be well groomed and avid about details in your surroundings. There’s a sense of rich meaningful sex ahead but you’ve got to prove you’re trustworthy to keep it. Try a lovely dinner with good food followed by a sensual massage. Natural scents or herbal aromas like sage, lemon, or the scent of clean linens would be good aroma to set the mood. Foreplay is a must with this sign so try to set off the imagination. Don’t be critical it’s a major turn off to them when you are.
LIBRA: The natural partner who’s always so eager to please. Just something about this sign is so attractive mostly because there’s a wide variety of beauty connected to the scales. They have wide interests so they can pull up any type of topic to cater to their mates. There’s also a very fragile ego, so make sure you reassure and show appreciation to your Libra lover’s good taste. An easy sign to get along with and they tend to want to please their partners. Sex is an art so sexy time needs to be created in the right environment. This means beautiful things, exploring pleasures and flattery towards the scales is going to get you far.

Women: She’s a flirt, charming, and when she smiles it will light up her entire face. She demands romance and attention to the seductive details. She’s in love with the idea of love and for that moment it’s you.

Men: The refined gentlemen who has an eye for beauty. They are good at balance so give and take is something he’s more than prepared to do in the bedroom. He’s turned on by the mental idea of sex more so then driven by lust.

Lover’s Bonus: The romance machine of the zodiac. The scales can mirror wants and desires to insure that their partner is satisfied but the more conventional turn-on’s are always a sure signal to go. It doesn’t take much to please Libra and their unpredictability when it involves some great sexy time. Always remember when dealing with the scales your dealing with the ladies and gentlemen of the zodiac so keep it classy. To set the mood light some candles and burn incents like lavender, jasmine, or rose.
SCORPIO: Sexual activity seems to just come naturally to Scorpio, but it’s not the act itself that’s attractive. It’s the end not the means that gets Scorpio hot to trot. There’s a primal passion laced with the ultimate need to uncover the mysteries of a lover that drives this sign. They like secrets, are mysterious, and have spiritual connections to life and death hence the reason they are the sign of regeneration. This lover likes to possess and feel possessed because it plays a huge role of the extremist within Scorpio. This is a VERY jealous sign so you can’t play games or try to put up a façade. They can see right through it and in most cases they will not tolerate that type of behavior if it does not suit their needs.

Women: She’s everything you want and need simply because she chooses to be. She’s ruled by her passions and she won’t completely give herself over to you. You’ve got to earn that and be understanding when only pieces of the puzzle come. Word of the wise, if the sex is bad consistently she’ll most likely not stick around.

Men: He’ll want to indulge into the depths of intimacy in a very private kind of way. He’ll like sharing his profound experiences with you mostly because he kind of needs it. This man is capable of casual sex but he’s genuinely interested in finding a consistent relationship. Once he’s securely finds that type of relationship he’ll be a very loyal lover for all time.

Lover’s bonus: Let them catch you in their web, undress you with their eyes, and don’t fear being consumed passionately. They’ll like making your fantasy into a reality and feel that if you’ve got it flaunt it. Any types of sexual expressions are something the Scorpion just loves and will appreciate. Be it different positions, toys or simply a good role play fantasy. Laughter is something of a turn on because let’s face it this sign just needs a good laugh through all that serious intensity. So use some witty dark humor, be open to emotional depth and prepare to be consumed by this passionate lover.
SAGITTARIUS: A most good-natured sign with the fiery disposition and a lively appetite for some adventure. They are usually ready to go and are one’s to be impressed by impulsiveness. Being upfront and honest about things is what seems to be extremely important to this sign so laying out the cards might be a good way to start things off. There is a tendency of putting there foot in there mouth because they are so honest about opinions and terrible with secrets.

Women: They can attract men easily and if they are inclined to keep you they’ll make sure to do just that. She’ll be helpful in anything you need assistance in but she’ll do so in an honest way, sometimes it hurts.

Men: Happy to initiate and or try out some new technique you’ve heard, but not so happy about the foreplay to get you into the mood he’s in. There is no plan in his chaos of passion because he feels that his instincts are there to make things happen.

Lover’s Bonus: They might be clumsy about getting you into the bed but those are just small details they make up for it once they’ve gotten to the delights of exploring. Find one of those round beds in a spacious room, light some candles and you’re on your way. Nothing will stop Sagittarius once it’s going if there are any distractions they’ll just get it out of the way and keep doing what they do best. I should warn potential lovers that if there’s a small hint of manipulation or if you’re artificial they’ll call it quits. There’s nothing wrong with compliments but stroking their ego to get them in bed will only fail.


CAPRICORN: There’s a deep sense of security with this sign. And let’s admit it, sometimes security is very appealing. They are a lusty sign but they have the self discipline to appear cool and collective on the outside. Break that exterior and watch the flood gates open. A word of warning: once you’ve open the door it’s going to be hard to close it again. If Capricorn has a good idea of what ground they are standing on expect them to move forward. Their very loyal and will remain faithful once a commitment is made. Prove unfaithful to them and jealousy will come out in a ‘hell hath no fury’ kind of way.

Women: This might take a while because she needs wooing and does not care for someone who is too eager. It’s important to coax her and getting her ready might be something that could take a bit of time. There’s a love of textures so it’s a plus to have luxurious materials like fur, ivory satin or leather. She’ll look good in and on all of it.

Men: This man likes the classy women who follow the old saying ‘lady in the parlor vixen in the bedroom’. They won’t make the first move until they are almost 100 percent sure of the success. This is mostly due to the fact that in their opinion if you stir the pot something now has to happen.

Lover’s Bonus: They like to know what’s coming so any type of structured sex play is always a good option. Jokes and laughter before getting serious is another way to set the mood. They like the tension and release of sex so don’t be surprised if they just jump right into it. Incenses like sage, sandalwood or jasmine to help simulate the senses and to set a sexy mood. Once they’re ready to go and you’ve told them you were too be prepared for some sensual delights. A list of major turn off’s would include being indirect and irresponsible.

AQUARIUS: One of the more unusual signs of the zodiac but that doesn’t mean things have to be crazy in the bedroom. Believe it or not it’s the idea of expressing whims and the daring to actually do it in the bedroom is what this sign is into. There really isn’t a very strong sex drive to an Aquarius, but given the chance to explore and simulate a partner, others get the impression that the desire is prominent. There’s a double standard to this sign simply because it has two ruling planets. Sometimes they can appear ridged, but open this sign up and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how flexible they really are. The water barer is futuristic and they tend to believe that passion has led the world into chaos. In their own relationships they try to right that balance.

Women: There’s always a conflict between desires and status quos. But if the doors of passion open up this lady will not disappoint. Most likely she’ll take lovers who are friends because it’s a compliment in her opinion. She’ll usually make the first move if she’s interested and up for just about anything so prepared for some surprises from her.

Men: He wants to share ideas, envision a better world and direct eye contact to maintain a stimulating connection. He doesn’t like messy emotions and would prefer to keep sexuality free of constraints. He’s open to how people want to live out their sexuality but in his own he might not be as open about it as he would lead you to believe.

Lover’s Bonus: Being unconventional, spontaneous and having knowledge are a huge turn-on for this lover. This sign thrives in electrical energy so sexy time with the TV on with no noise, and the stereo playing your favorite songs is a good option. Have a plethora of books, videos or games ready because a major turn off is sameness. They like trying out unique places for love play and it would keep things interesting. At home try Tibetan incense, intense conversations about how life could be in the future while stroking the hands and wrists. You’ll see sparks fly.
PISCES: This is a fantasy driven sign. You’re going to need the right mixture of wish-fulfillment, an appropriate environment and some emotional stimulation. There’s a deeply intuitive and sympathetic side to this sign which could be easily deceived by those who fit the fantasy the fish has. Complex and spiritually deep they need love in the form of romance, reassurance and in most cases are easily dominated. There’s real potential to be adventurous but this fish needs to feel secure with the partner before some experimenting can come to pass. They thrive on sensitivity and are usually the more artistic type. Appeal to their sympathetic ways and it will get you a long way with this sign.

Women: She’s not exactly sure what she’s doing but hey it’s not stopping you from coming back for more. She’s usually the girly girl so be prepared for some lace and ruffles. She’ll be sure to please you in bed so be giving to her hypersensitive body and go with the flow.

Men: He will rarely criticize a lover but this will create a tendency to be in love with love. The vibes he’s getting from you have to be good otherwise he’ll figure there’s no point. Word of caution, once he falls in love he’ll fall hard and he’ll recuperate slowly if this love he falls for isn’t reciprocated.

Lover’s bonus: Take the strong lead and get things flowing nicely. Once trust is established try dominance games like playing master and slave. This will help develop your Pisces sexual side. Combine sex and food by trying a honey or chocolate massage. They like a wonderful experience and they find it’s more important than some cotton sheets getting messy. They don’t like getting rushed so sex just happens when it happens and that will be when your fish feels comfortable. They like to escape so mimic a faraway feeling to the bedroom while wooing this romantic sign.
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