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By: Uriel Kane



We live in a developed world where cities are growing faster than the hair on your head. Trees are being cut every day and the natural habitat of many places is in danger. Industries and factories now dot landscapes which were once home to thousands of trees, birds and animals. If you look up from your home during the night, you will be lucky to see even one star in the sky.



Camping outdoors is a great opportunity to expose you to a myriad of unique experiences. You can get to enjoy the great mysteries of nature by exploring forests and mountains. The joys of sitting around a bonfire, listening to the music of birds and trees are simply fantastic. In addition to this, the clean air, noiseless atmosphere and soothing tranquility of open spaces does wonders to one’s well-being. There are just so many reasons to go camping once in a while.



Some people love to go camping because they enjoy contemplating on the various aspects of life during their silent travels during the forests. As a matter of fact, Einstein was famous for taking long walks in the woods. He felt his mind worked better and that he could understand the mysteries of this universe with more clarity.



Then there are some people who go camping because it keeps them humble. I remember once when I had gone camping, there was a thunderstorm brewing and when the rains finally started, we were huddled inside our tents. I kept telling myself that we stood nowhere in front of nature’s fury. That night helped me appreciate all that I had and be more grateful for all my gifts.



If these reasons seem mysterious to you, there is the economic angle to camping. It works out to be cheaper than booking a hotel and spending your money there. Camping is way cheaper and if you develop a liking for it, your gear can be used again and again.



3 mistakes to avoid if you are camping for the first time. Camping is all about discovering yourself and having a good time but there are some basic pointers which every first time camper should keep in mind. These are some common mistakes which you should avoid:



Get used to your camping gear – A lot of campers don’t know how to properly setup their tents. Ensure that you know everything that you need to know about setting up a tent. Practice it in your backyard so that you don’t end up looking like a fool when you are out in the wilderness.



Keep a diary – Another situation you would not want to be in would be to forget something important that you would need when out in the wild. Therefore, always keep a diary and ensure that you note whatever things you need so that you don’t miss any crucial thing.



Travel in safe weather – the last you want is to be trapped in a hailstorm. Therefore, ensure that you travel in safe weather.



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