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By : Nikki Savage


“We need not feel God’s care to know it is working, any more than we need to feel gravity to keep us from sailing off into space.”


It’s true. I do believe each of us is under the care of our creator though we have been gifted with the choice to deny it. It can be hard in a world so full of pain and struggles to fathom that it all came from a loving presence. I could easily fall into thinking, “If God so loves this world, why doesn’t s/he step in and fix it?” But again I come back to our gift of choice. For what would our lives be without choice? What purpose would a scripted life serve? And when I look at any act of violence, I see it is a choice one makes from a place of suffering not from an infinite source of love. And my God is love.  And I choose to believe in Love.


So yes, I don’t have to know the Divine is working in my life to have divine moments. I don’t have to believe it or acknowledge it. But I do strive to look for that Love in each moment. I try to be aware and grateful for its company. There is something to be said for knowing the presence of something greater than myself. Whether it is a shimmer of a reflection or a blast of sunbeams, I am training my eyes to seek Light and training my heart to give thanks. From this perspective, struggles have value and dark times just strengthen my sight.  I find grace for the world’s pain in that Light.


But I feel compelled to add, though I look for the Light, I am thankful it doesn’t depend on my appreciation to exist. There are times and moods and moments where gratitude is far from my heart. Times I ignore what I know would be the best response and choose instead to react. Unless of course I missed the addendum to the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus said, “Blessed are those who cuss like sailors and want to slappeth others upside their heads…” Yeah, I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss that.  So I continue to strive. I have found that when I am in complete acceptance of this divine love and caring I find my own capacity for love and caring, compassion and kindness is so much greater for it.  It’s true, I do not have to recognize this Love. But I do.  Everyday, I do.


Gratitude is a wonderful way to connect to our source.  I find love grows in my life when I water with my appreciation.  Even as simple as a “thank you” for something as small as the breath to whisper the words, even that opens me to see more of the Divine in my life.  Try it and see.  Let us know how it works for you in the comments.




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2 Responses

  1. I think it all starts with a little smile. A smile is contagious.
    Then comes caring, as simple opening a door for someone
    and you hear a Thank You. That’s your reward.

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