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By : Nikki Savage


The mind is always going. Always moving. It moves to the past to visit memories. Moves into the future to visit dreams. Good, bad, whatever they may be, they distract the mind from the present. What am I doing right now?


Right now, in the midst of the full moon’s pull, I am reflecting on the idea that Spirit doesn’t care if I attend it.  It will move through this world regardless.  Yet when I do attend to Spirit, I generally do find answers, direction, inspiration and more.  But on the daily, I find myself racked with worry about bills and work and bank accounts.  All the things that seem to have nothing to do with real living yet seem to be a necessary part of life.  Everyday I waste some fresh time on old fears, missing out on the new now.  Everyday, I get stuck in the same patterning of not feeling adequate, like I don’t meet the world’s standards for what a successful grown up looks like.  But I’ve been working on it.  This full moon I’m finding another path for my mind to take.


Every moment is new.  And I can’t say what  will happen in the moments ahead.  But I can decide that I’ll be just fine no matter what.  Just like Spirit will move whether or not anyone believes or notices, I will move through whatever comes next regardless.  I mean, so far, history has proven that I will, right?  I’m still here.  And the next moment has never been lived. Possibilities dance. How long will I watch this dance before I jump in?



Not a second more.


I can worry. I can daydream. I can reminisce. Then I must decide. Decide to get on with it, to see how this world plays out, because it will whether I pay attention or not. Whether I have faith or don’t. Whether I watch or join in the dance, it will go on.  And either way, I will too.  So I’m going to try the new way.  Yeah.  I think I wanna dance.


Worry is a thief of precious time. No good ever comes from it.  Yet, for some reason, we do it.  But I’m hoping to change that for myself and maybe you are too.  Next time you recognize the pattern of worry, step out of it.  Break it.  Do something positive instead.  I don’t just mean a figurative dance either.  If nothing else can break me out of worry’s spell, music and movement always do the trick.  What works best for you?



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