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By : Nikki Savage


What does it mean to follow the signs in your life?  What does it look like?  Where do you look to see these signs?  And how do you know the sign is true?


I have struggled with these questions as I seek to deepen my spiritual practice.  It is hard to not wonder if I am seeing something in a way because I want to see it that way so very badly.  But I have found as I practice, the signs become clear.   They also become more familiar and I recognize them quickly.


One of my favorite ways to actively seek signs is by reading softly.  I use this when I need some inspiration or motivation or maybe just some insight.  I have a few books in my current rotation.  These are books I keep out around the house so I can pick them up and turn to a random page.  My books have included the Bible, I Ching, Women Who Run with Wolves, Care of the Soul, Strength to Love.  I’ll be chewing on some thought to the point of distraction and then pause, sit down with the nearest book and open it to a random page and see how that might speak to my current condition.


Other times I just have a reading session.  My sort of meditation.  Reading softly and open enough to hear deeper messages.   Devotional reading with a purpose of stirring my soul to be led to express.  I know when I have found my message because that stir is unmistakable.  It feels akin to what it feels like to be moved to speak on something.  There is a quickening, an accepted knowing and an acute sense of presence in the moment.


It is the same feeling I get when something happens in my regular ordinary day that speaks to some piece of me.  Some subtle frequency that is always on, waiting to be heard and amplified.  I hear it through the static of the daily grind usually just when I am in need of some faith, hope or love.


That is how I feel signs.  How I know them.  Through practicing, I have even begun to recognize when the vibe is telling me to stop looking for signs and start moving. I’m not sure when we began to distrust our inward knowing.  Maybe when we began asking our Gods to prove it with a sign instead of remembering the gift of spiritual discernment, the piece of our Gods that we hold in our consciousness.  When we began to value the material and concrete over the spiritual and infinite.  I do know for sure.


I am still a work in progress as I still find myself second guessing or maybe even feeling foolish for believing in what feels like magic.  But I have learned to tend to my intuition and honor it instead of devalue and distrust.  It is a sacred gift, our link to the divine in all of us.  I figure, why else would they call our efforts to seek signs from the source Divining?


Devotional, soft, open reading is just one of many practices we can do to strengthen our relationship with our intuition.  Working with cards, crystals, runes, meditation, running, walking, journaling, creating art.  We each have our own frequency that calls and an infinite number of ways it can express in our lives.  In what ways do you tend your inner knowing?   How do you feel the signs?




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