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By : Nancy


I could see my spirit guides when I was young and they were children, I called them my imaginary friends. I told others they were right by me and I took them in the car driving then later on in life I realized my imaginary friends were my spirit guides.My dad reached me when he died, I picked up a mug of his in my cupboard and all the cups chimed. A mirror fell down that he’d hung on the wall and when I went to the cemetery the leaves blew around my legs like a whirl wind as I stared at his name and later on in life he started communicating to me on my angel board spelling out words each night I did this by a white candle that flickered high and moved back and forth. This is how I became a medium years ago channeling spirits on my angel board, I also did this when I was a child. I met my spirit guides doing this work and they are friends and relatives from this life, an ancient being who I channeled on my Ouija Board as a child, my Gaurdian Angel and others.The average amount of spirit guides a person has is five. They have job positions to protect you and guide you by their title’s of a Gaurdian Angel, a love life guide,  money guide, safety guide and a health guide. Also, in this new day and age of electronics many have an internet guide computer techy, a person who lived in this generation. There may up to fifty guides who are mostly angels around spiritual people. Some people have fifteen to twenty guides all the time. They are sent from heaven to be by the person and the Angels keep a score card and report it as your Spirit guides are in the heavenly realm on earth working as a group around you all the time. They are the ones sending you a dream to help you and to awake with the clear image of a answer you’ve asked for and by the thought you wake up with you may know the answer they’ve sent to your subconscious which is clearer upon waking in a rem state before you begin your logical thoughts. Angels and Spirit Guides are the great inspiration in your mind and soul especially when its not too cloudy of everyday task’s and meditating is a way to receive information to guide you. Also, a fleeting sudden thought as intuition may be sent from your spirit guide to steer you on the right direction. Your spirit guides may also warn you of a situation or person to make you aware to protect yourself and a positive dream and feeling may be sent to know who to love and trust and what is good for you. It is enlightening for your life to be able to receive information from your spirit guides.



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