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By: Erin
If you know your astrological birth chart, it will be an easy way to paint a picture of your cosmic energy. If you find that there’s a bit of an element imbalance, try bringing it back by incorporating the color that’s associated with the element into your everyday life. For example; if you feel like you’re lacking balance in your life, try bringing pastels into your clothing, jewelry, make up, or even in the décor of your home.

The colorpsychology of the zodiac is a great way to understand the human psyche. Every color has their own psychological meaning. Different planets and signs have their own assigned color, therefore, it’s best to find some sort of common characteristic between them that is common to see what reflects that color.

Now, here is a basic rundown of Spring signs and the color that are associated with them. I’ve broken it down by decanates to give you a more specific look at the color associated with your astrological sign.

1st Decanate (3/21-3/30)- Deep Reds and White.
Deep red tones signify action or an awakening of energy. The color red can offer you extra courage or strength when you feel depressed and can be a quick pick-me-up with its beautiful temperature raising shade. White shows passion, purity and revival. When it comes to the color white, you must be sure to use it with another color. White by itself can be passive. However, when combined with another color, it can instill a sense of peace and tranquility.
2nd Decanate (3/11-4/10)- Red and Light Yellow.
The color red is associated with energy and warmth. Being associated with warmth, red is a good color for those who may be anemic because it can help raise blood pressure and can help bad circulation as well. Acting as a stimulant, it releases adrenaline into your bloodstream and can help fight infections. Lighter shades of yellow vibrate positivity, light and joy. Much like red, lighter shades of yellow help boost your overall mood. If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, it is a good color to stimulate inspirational thoughts and can help give you a more optimistic outlook on life.
3rd Decanate (4/11-4/20)- Scarlet and Turquoise.
Scarlet signifies emotional excitement. Turquoise signifies a desire for order and peace. It is also known as the color of the present time, “The Age of Aquarius.” Native Americans find that turquoise has an almost cleansing affect on the mind and soul. It has strong healing powers and can be used to relieve insomnia and even help people who have problems breathing such as asthma.

1st Decanate (4/21-5/1)- Yellow-green with Deep Blue.
The combination of yellow-green and deep blue are stimulants of the sensual world and stimulate revelation. They are most commonly associated with impressions or desires, the change of feelings and emotional sensitivity.
2nd Decanate (5/2-5/11)- Salad Green and Beige-pink.
The color green is a typical healing hue and can help provide comfort and balance. Use shades of green if you find that you are very anxious, the green tone will help calm shattered nerves. Beige-pink is also used as a calming color. The pale shade of the beige-pink will provide a calm possession and can even provide a soft boost in excitement.
3rd Decanate (5/12-5/21)- Light Green and Brown.
Light green on its own is the color of perception. It points the way towards your true desires and helps you realize what you truly want and need out of life. The use of brown signifies reality and affinity. The combination of the two can be great when needing to make decisions because it opens up the part of your mind that is closed off. Try this combination when you are lacking concentration or stability and it will help you past apprehensions and shed a bit of light on your goal.

1st Decanate (5/22-5/31)- Lemon Yellow and Grey-lilac.
Lemon yellow is associated with the correction of balance, inside and out! By promoting balance, lemon yellow can help balance liquids in the body and help with weight control and even helps with skin problems such as eczema. Grey works as a bridge. It is the point between white and black. It is thought to open doors and bridge gaps in thought. The grey and lilac combination can be helpful in bridging the gap between gloom and sanctity. If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, use this combination to help bring that light into sight.
2nd Decanate (6/1-6/11)- Light Orange and Grey-blue.
All shades of orange are pretty much the same. Orange promotes positive vibes and optimism. If you’re experiencing extreme emotional disruptions, such as a loss of a loved one or divorce, use shades of orange to help stabilize your emotions. Grey-blue is a good color to use if you are looking to gain clarity.
3rd Decanate (6/12-6/21)- Yellow and Grey.
Similar to 1st decanate, the combination of yellow and grey can be used to sort through ideas and steer you towards what you really want to gain out of a situation.

Astrology is such a complex subject. Being able to know so much about yourself just by using your birthday is amazing. Instead of giving a general color/zodiac association blog, I wanted to make it more direct and break it down more so that our readers can get a more personalized color association. Try using this information in your daily life. It works. I would love to get feedback on this blog and see how this “Colorology” works for you! Keep checking our blog page and keep a look out for seasonal “Colorology” blogs.
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