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By: Kaleigh

Easter is a holiday typically observed by Christians all across the world, but nowadays you might see it as something extremely commercialized. Everyone wants to stock up on their candy, eggs, baskets, and little rabbit toys.

We’ve known for a long time that Easter really isn’t about the jelly beans and the peeps and all the other small frivolities, but somewhere along the way the holiday just became something much easier to sell with all that’s around us.

Easter was originally linked to the Passover and Exodus from Egypt in the Old Testament of the bible. In the New Testament, Jesus prepares himself for his death by enjoying Passover with his disciples.

He sacrificed himself, like a lamb to be slaughtered during this religious time, for the sins of the people and suffered to see their anguish at an end. Three days after he died, he rose from the dead to walk among his disciples once more as their guide and savior.

Today, Easter is celebrated as a time of sacrifice and penitence. Lent, the religious cycle predating the Easter celebration, is a time where people fast in some way in order to abstain from a piece of their lives and to sacrifice some small part of themselves for the holiday. Some people wipe sweets from their diet or give up their favorite pastime to show how devoted they are.

When Easter Sunday finally arrives, a family comes together to give thanks for their God; they celebrate by eating, playing games, and going to church to honor this holy day.

Because Easter is a moveable holiday, it often coincides with the beginning of Spring, which is, of course, a time of new birth. We look at spring and think of all the new flowers, the baby animals that are being born, and the weather brightening. Temperatures rise and we almost feel as if we’ve come out of a long sleep, opening our eyes to the world again.

In that sense, Easter, too, is about rebirth and new life. With the resurrection of Jesus, we are reminded that death is not the end. We celebrate our good fortune with our families and remind ourselves that we can do better this year. We can change ourselves and become new people.

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