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Prince William and Fiancee Kate Middleton
By: Kaleigh

Lovers Report for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

With the Royal Wedding coming up, everyone’s excited for the new happy couple. Prince William and Kate Middleton certainly look stellar on camera and they behave like the perfect duo, but how accurate is that really?

We all can see how well they work together in the public eye. Kate is a perfect complement to William and he can always count on her for support. She responds to his every mood and there’s a certain harmony between them.

She draws him out of himself and she’s brought a sense of adventure and change into his life. As silly as it sounds, the world almost seems more responsive to him since Kate has wandered into his life.

To him, she’s charming and wonderful. To her, he’s appreciative. There is a real emotional value in how they relate together; it might come off as duty, but they really care for one another. He’s grounded her and she’s shown him new and exciting goals in his life.

They both have an intense physical attraction to each other and she’s definitely the driving wheel in the relationship when it comes to speaking. When they’re alone, though, these two can go on for hours and hours about each other, and that’s what makes their relationships so special. He thinks she’s special and she knows it. They value each other more than words can say.

The few things clashing in this relationship have to do with their ideologies and the situation they’re in. Prince William does have an obligation and while Kate is the more whimsical of the pair, it’s obvious that her unconventional manner may cause some friction between the two of them.

They can get a little overemotional with each other, unfortunately, because their energies are so suppressed in public that it may bubble over into the relationship behind closed doors. This can easily be rectified with total honesty, but that’s something this soon-to-be couple will need to work out on their own.
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