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By: Lulu Gleason

On March 19th, the moon was the closest to the earth it will be until 2016. Now what does this mean to us here on earth? Could the strange new super moon cause even more strange occurrences or natural disasters? According to Scientist and Astronomers around the world, they agree that the tides are in tune with the pull of the moon and our earth but many have been assuring everyone that no ill effects should be caused by the “super moon.”

What is the Super Moon you ask? The super moon is just a fancy term given to these types of phenomena. The Moon we dearly love was about 14 percent closer to the earth. Meaning the Moon was bigger and brighter then we’ve seen since January 1992. Most of the time, the ocean tide is at the greatest or highest point during a full moon and its lowest point during the new moon.

We’ve had quite a few supermoons according to sources we get about 4-6 supermoon’s annually. Typically, Scientist and Astronomers don’t quite like using the term ‘supermoon’ but prefer the proper term ‘perigee-syzygy’. By most reports, this ‘perigee-syzygy’ shouldn’t have any type of affect on our earth other than the tides will be slightly higher.

Astrologers have quite a bit to say about the moon, from the information that I was able to compile. The moon is connected to instincts, emotions, and spirituality. Even some have commented on how there is documentation of spikes in places such as bars, police stations and even sanitariums around the world during full moons.

The moon is greatly associated with emotions and the primordial needs involved with man kind and the idea of procreation. Many also associate the moon with goddesses, certain celebrations honoring the home and mother. I can even go as far as remembering reading an article in my younger teen years that lady cycles can coordinate with the moon cycles.

Now both sides can argue with each other all day and all night about how one side is right and the other wrong. My main concern is about finding research to the connection with recent events or other natural disasters around the world and supermoons.

Many speculate that because the moon was closer to the earth on March 19th that more natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami’s and other natural disasters will hit our planet.

Now I’m not scientist or an astronomer, I’m not even an astrologer. There is no scientific connection between the moon’s pull on the earth and natural disasters. And while doing my research I found that most time’s we’ve had a ‘supermoon’ ,otherwise known as a ‘perigee-syzygy’, the moons position was not in the correct position to throw off anything here on our planet to cause natural disasters.

There have even been reports given through NASA stating that the supermoon is more noticeable during a full moon and that the percentage of the closeness is not overly different than any other supermoon that had happened during a different phase of the moon’s rotation around the earth. According to many scientific sources there is no proof in links between the moon’s orbit and natural disasters here on Earth.

But I’ve been accumulating so many questions about the subject matter. So with that I went through to some of the psychics on to gain a more astrological side of this natural celestial occurrence. Will there be perhaps some type of effect this moon will have on everyone? And how will this supermoon affect me?

Most of the psychics who are astrologers told me that this supermoon will have a lot of energy behind it. Depending on the person, we could see stronger emotions, frequent mood swings, some people all around will feel that they want to do things that they wouldn’t normally do, oceanic effects and one psychic told me that their will be more beached animals than usual.

Another psychic said that our universe is changing, planets are changing and shifting differently and that what we knew before will be different from what we know now or what we shall discover in the many months ahead. This supermoon is just one of the many universal spectacles we will experience.

I remembered once while watching a documentary on the Mayan calendar and the information about 12/21/2012. In that special, an astronomer commented about how on December 21, 2012 our solar system will be aligned with the center of the universe and that we will soon get to see more of our own universe.

So this statement doesn’t seem to far fetch to me that change in our opinions about our universe are going to be shifting. She also mentioned that there is nothing to be fearful about the intense emotions we will experience during this full moon cycle. Flowing with the energy given would be ideal to achieve a more positive outcome to any type of intense energy given to our psyche.

Embracing the change and relax about the supermoon might be one of the best ideas I’ve heard in my readings. Subsequently, in my notes I found that the last statement was a theme throughout all of my readings. As one psychic put it ‘don’t fight the energy of the moon, change is coming whether we like it or not and there will be nothing good about fighting it.’

We might not get crazy natural disasters during this moon or any other moon, but the spectacle of the supermoon is a delight to see.

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