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By : Nikki Savage


As I continue studying the manifestation of energy into matter, I am more and more a believer in the impact of the energies of the stars, the moon, and the planets.  Since I understand everything as energy, it is impossible for me to separate anything from my existence.


I believe we come from a single energy source with an infinite number of ways to express.  (If you have read my blogs past, you know this!)  We are born and gain a fixed perspective in space and time.  And all the energies at play in this fixed space and time lend their qualities to my own creation and evolution. They lend their qualities to the shaping and expressing of every aspect of my being.


The moment I am manifested into form, into matter, these energies push and pull and vibrate through my own energy and help to shape the constitution of me:  physically, mentally and spiritually.  As I am differentiated from the great source of energy (as are you and everyone else), a subtle dance begins.  A balance, a unique individual balance, is created as my form is added into the mix of all the other energies at play.


I am created with my own proprietary blend of the elements, that leaves me drawn towards some energies and repelled by others.   Having an awareness to how certain energies affect me can be of great benefit.  After all, figuring out how to dance my own dance within all the rhythms of life is what this journey is all about.   And knowing there is also a greater dance is the gateway to the ability to see beyond my own perspective to an even larger view.   I can access the greater plan, but only when I am rooted in my truth so I may resonate with the Greatest Truth.


And so I have become keenly aware of how the energies move me.  And how they may alter my thinking, actions and emotions.  I have to find the delicate balance of singing my own soul’s song in tune with the symphony of the universe.  And knowing what energies are at play in the universe at any given time can help me maintain that balance.


I am beginning to understand which energies pull on me and which push me and how to foresee when I could use a pull or a push.  I am beginning to understand all these energies at play are available for my use when I understand how they each affect me.  Like gardening by the phases of the moon, I understand how an energy wanes and waxes and am beginning to understand how to utilize the directions of their forces to my advantage.


I am still learning and will be for as long as I live.  Just like the energy, the knowledge is infinite.  I will never run out of learning material.  So long as I stay true to my studies, I know I will continue to evolve towards the purest expression of myself.  And that is the very purpose of this wonder-filled life.  From this perspective of infinite growth potential, I see how very blessed I am for this opportunity.  And it is my hope that you also see your blessedness and find your rhythm in this divine dance of life.


Interested in knowing more about the planetary energies at play at the moment you came into being here?  One way is to get a natal chart –  an astrology report giving you a picture of the signs the sun, moon and planets are in during your birth.  You may be surprised, like me, by what insight can be gained about your own patterns and behaviors when you see your energetic makeup.




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