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By: Michelle

© Peterhermesfurian | - Summer Solstice America Photo
© Peterhermesfurian | - Summer Solstice America Photo




The Summer Solstice is more than just a new season to those who practice Wicca. It is one of the Wiccan holidays. It is a time when the Sun has returned to its fullest. This holiday is a Sabbat that honors the longest day of the year. The origin of the word Litha is, from what I read, not certain. However, it may come from Saxon tradition,and is the opposite of Yule. Yule is the Wiccan holiday for Winter Solstice. In a lot of Pagan/Wiccan’s eyes, at mid-summer, the Sun God has reached the moment of greatest strength. Midsummer Night’s Eve is also said to be special for those who believe in fairies, as a lot of Pagans do. It is supposed to be a good time to see the Fae. Litha falls on June 20th or the 21st. It will be Sunday, June 21st this year. However, there is a alternative fixed calendar date of June 25th that is sometimes used by covens.


~Celebrating Litha~


There are different ways to celebrate Litha. Pagans tend to celebrate it by performing ritual or meditation. Being in Nature can be one good way to celebrate Litha as well. I however would not do it during the day as I am not a fan of hot weather. I will be attending a summer solstice ritual on Litha, and it will be outdoors. It will be before sunset, though in the early evening. It is also a little cooler there as the ritual site is at a higher altitude. Since it is hot, I would not personally recommend doing outdoor activities during the day right now unless it isn’t unbearable where you are. Maybe when it is cooler out, you can go for a hike, do nature photography, or have a scavenger hunt.


I know I mentioned meditation a bit earlier,and a nature meditation is also something that you can try if you like.


Find a nice quiet place outdoors. Sit or lie down, whichever you prefer. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly, relaxing your body and quieting your mind. Begin to slowly take in the music of Nature all around you. If you are near water, it can be the sound of the water rushing over rocks. You may hear the wind rustle through the trees. You will also hear the sound of birds chirping in the trees. Let Nature call you home for awhile and envelop you in her arms. Forget about any stresses including your job and any worries. Let it fade away and disappear while Nature soothes your soul.


If you wish to keep celebrating,there are other fun activities you can do to celebrate the longest day of the year. You can for example,make a bonfire. Just be careful not to start a wildfire! Just please use common sense when making the fire. Build the fire away from brush, bushes, trees, and any other plants. You may drum and dance by forming a drum circle also. Really, due to the heat that the Summer days bring, it may be best to hold your bonfire at night when it is cooler. Then, too, you may be able to more comfortably dance around the fire if you wish.



Doing something for others would be a good idea as well. You can organize a yard sale and donate proceeds to a local homeless shelter. You can also donate summer clothing to a children’s hospital. Hosting a dog wash is also a good idea. You can ask the customers to donate cash or pet food. You can also visit a elderly neighbor and help them with their housekeeping. Having a barbecue is something that, as we know, a lot of people do at this time of year. You can have fun with that as well. If you wish to try another way to honor the season in addition to or in place of a ritual, you may wish to say a garden prayer for growing crops. You can make up your own or say something like this:


“With pure intent, it is my wish that the Sun’s rays greet all of the plants, leaves and buds with beautiful life blessing us with abundance.”


You can also do a prayer to the Sun. It can be something to this effect if you like.


“On this day of Solstice, the Sun is high in the sky. We welcome the Sun’s return on this his longest day. Thank you for all of the life that you bring. All the nourishment your ray’s bring the Earth. Ra, Helios, Aten, you are known by many names among a lot of Pagans. We celebrate your light, and welcome you on this day. Blessed Be!”


Take time to relax on this day as you welcome the Sun once again.





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