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Today we are going to give you some ideas on projects you can do with your partner this Valentines Day. A few of these projects are projects you can start on Valentines Day and add to when the mood strikes. We came up with a few different ideas for you so that you can get an idea and make it your own or use these ones – whatever.


DIY, or Do It Yourself projects are great because homemade gifts are super special because you know that someone went that extra mile to really put a lot of thought into the gift and it shows that they know you very well. It’s always special and heartfelt. You really can’t go wrong.



1. Bucket List.
This is a cute idea because you can make it your own and customize it to your and your partners relationship however you want. You will need a picture of a pale/bucket, computer, printer, picture frame, dry erase marker. Come up with a title for the picture (example: Lisa & Mike’s Bucket List of Love) …write whatever you want on it. It’s yours! Lastly, tying back to our previous blog “Date Night Ideas” you and your partner can spend a romantic night together and about the things you both want to do together, places you want to go, etc. When you have your final list, type out the list over top of the picture of the bucket. Print the picture you both created and put it in a frame, hang it somewhere special and whenever you do something off the list together, mark it off the list with a dry erase marker on the glass of the frame. After you did all of them keep it and start a new one!




2. Customized Picture Frame.
This one is simple and sweet. You can find a plain wooden frame from your local craft store for under $2. Vinyl letters come in sheets of about 100 for $4 and then some paint. Place your vinyl letters with whatever message you want to say on your frame, take your paint and make sure you cover the wood completely. Let it dry all the way. You might need another coat of paint or you can add another color or cool sponge or lay a piece of lace over top and sponge a lighter color over top to give it a sweet lace effect. Again, let it dry completely. When the paint is completely dry, gently peel off your venal letters and you will have your frame with your special message. (If you want the letters to be colored and not wood prime the wood frame with a coat of paint with the color you want the letters to be.)



3. Date Ideas In A Jar.
This one is cute and a good way to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Get an empty coffee tin or mason jar and some Popsicle sticks and on each stick write an idea for a date night. Once a month, you and your partner pull out a date night stick and get ready for a night out. When you get home you can write the date on the back of the stick and if you have a memory book or a scrapbook you can put it in there as a memory of the night and write about the night out you had together. This is a fun and cute way to make sure you and your partner make time for each other also.




4. Felt Fortune Cookies.
These are super cute and you can make them sweet or sexy. They cost next to nothing to make and take very little time so if you find yourself looking for something to make last minute, these love fortunes would be a good choice. You will need a sheet of red or pink (or both) felt, you can find this at any craft store or even Walmart or Target, a small cup or jar (3.5″ – 4″ in diameter), a hot glue gun, scissors, printer paper, and black marker. Take your cup or jar and use it to trace circles onto the felt with the black marker then cut inside the black line. After you have cut out your circles, fold them in half to form semicircles and apply a dab of glue in the center of the curve between the layers. Put your index fingers inside the fold and bend the semicircle to where your fingers meet and apply another dab of glue at the crease to hold the pinched shape. Now is the time to cut little strips of paper and add your message or fortune on it and slip it inside the “cookie” you can leave a little bit of paper showing out of the felt if you would like for easy access for your partner to pull it out. Some people like to add Hershey kisses into the felt cookies but that’s up to you.




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