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Happy Harvest

By: J Nighteagle     The start of the holiday season as depicted on and with popular media is one of joy; the type of joy that comes with possessions or financial security (if such a thing exists). In our modern world or should I say, in certain growing economies the ability to generate and […]

My Experience at The Autumn Goddess Retreat

By: Erin     Where to start? Well, it was intense. In a great way. I left feeling amazing and clear- mind, body, and soul. First let me begin by telling you all that The Autumn Goddess Retreat was a local festival over the weekend that supported a local domestic violence center in my community. […]

Staff Favorites- 3

By: Office Staff     Two weeks ago we began our series of Foretell’s Fall Favorites. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, we will include a link to last weeks blog down below. Our Fall Favorites series is where readers can come visit our blog page every Wednesday and read a bit about what some […]

September Staff Favorites 1

By: Office Staff     Starting today, we decided to share some of our favorite things throughout the month of September. We are dedicating our Wednesday blog series to spotlight our favorite books, fall activities, movies, TV shows, you name it.   We would also like to invite readers to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, […]

A Brief Look Into The Fall With The Tarot

By: Lulu Gleason     So here folks is my Fall overview with Astrology and the Tarot.  This one of my more favorite times of the year due to the beautiful grace of nature.  I can almost feel the brisk fall wind in my face. The sweet feel of a warm fire.  Halloween is in […]