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By: Alex





A few years ago I had a friend that I thought was pretty successful. He was a woodworker and an artist. He lived in a nice house, had a car and his own business. And he had a wife and 3 kids, and took vacations. To me this was amazing.


It wasn’t all easy going of course. But somehow he and his wife managed to make it all work. That really impressed me. I have to admit that at that time I was a little jealous. He was working in his chosen field and seemed to be making more than enough money to survive. How did he do it?


He basically said that the Universe loves it when you take action. It reminded me of some things I had heard years before. A metaphysical teacher had said “when you take a step towards something, the Universe meets you half way.”


When you take action, it shows the Universe that you are interested in something. Then the Universe will start sending you opportunities. This begins a cycle, which if you keep up with, should get you where you want to be.


But you have to pay attention too. If the Universe sends you opportunities and you don’t act on any of them, the Universe will decide that you don’t want these and will stop sending them.


This is illustrated by a quote from the Bible: “He that hath, unto him shall be given more, and he that hath not, even that which he has shall be taken from him.” If you acknowledge the wealth around you and work with the opportunities you are given, you will be given more. This is basically wealth consciousness. But if you ignore these things they will all dry up and blow away.


So decide what you want, look for opportunities and take action on them when they come up. Here’s an example. Over a year ago I had an idea to build an antenna for my ham radio from some old tv antennas. I had thought about this pretty hard about it for a while, and then just forgot about it and did other things.


About two weeks ago a neighbor of mine brought over an old TV antenna and asked if I wanted it. I said yes. I knew immediately that this was a response to my previous desire to build an antenna. I also knew that once I accepted it I would have to work hard to make it into what I wanted. It took about a week, but eventually I wound up with a 6 element beam antenna.


The interesting part was that my antenna analyzer only goes up to 54 MHz, and the antenna I built was for 144.200 MHz. I did some research on the internet and made some educated guesses about what the dimensions should be, but I really had no way of knowing if this antenna was tuned right. However, the signal reports I got seemed to indicate that it was. I just had to laugh – if you could only see how cheesy it looks, you would never expect such great performance from such a thing.


As another example of taking action, in May I told a neighbor that my girlfriend wanted to sell her trailer. His ears perked up. When I told him the price, he said he’d have the deposit the next day. I told my girlfriend “This is your chance. You should take this and go.”


What this meant was her moving in with me, something I was apprehensive about. But I realized this would make both our lives easier, at least financially. This was her opportunity to be rid of a bad place and to move into a much better place. In spite of my apprehension I was determined to help her do this. After all, she had helped me out a lot also. I thought it could be the beginning of something better for her and I was willing to do what I could to make that possible.


She accepted the offer and it was interesting how things worked out. I didn’t have money to pay someone to help me move her stuff but the buyer helped me. Even so it was a lot of work. Then all of a sudden the car needed a new clutch. Amazingly the buyer offered to pay for it out of the money he was going to give her for the trailer. He knew a good mechanic and that saved us $500 on the repair.


All in all it has turned out pretty well, except for the occasional chaos when the dogs chase the cats around the house. But that’s just free entertainment!




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