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By: Alex



In a previous blog article I had written about a past life where I had been a British gunner in a Sherman Tank during World War II. There had been an accident – an explosion – at the Battle of El Alamein in North Africa in 1942. The entire tank crew had been killed. I alone survived after losing both my arms. However, it turns out that there is more to that story.


After finding out about that incident, I started wondering more about what I did prior to that. What on earth prompted me to become a tank gunner in the first place? As I tried to tune in to that whole thing, I kept hearing the word “Dunkirk” over and over again. With some help from Cat, one of Foretell’s psychics, I was able to piece the story together.


The Germans had basically cut off and surrounded the Allied forces at Dunkirk, France in June of 1940. The Germans thought they had the Allies finished, but for some reason Hitler never really gave the order to destroy them. He apparently was holding some armor units in reserve for another operation. The Germans’ hesitation gave the British time to mount an evacuation from Dunkirk, across the Channel to England. The Allies had air superiority, which helped a lot, and the trip across the Channel to England was not that far, so an evacuation was possible.


The British Admiralty had put out a call for civilian vessels to participate in the evacuation of Dunkirk. Thousands of smaller boats were needed to get closer to shore in order to pick up the troops and ferry them out to where the larger ships were waiting to take them back to England.


The evacuation at Dunkirk was a massive operation. There was some fierce fighting and it was definitely a desperate situation for the Allies. In the end, about 330,000 Allied troops were rescued. It was truly a miracle that the operation succeeded.


Well, after a lot of disbelief, I finally realized that I had been at Dunkirk also. I asked Kat if there was something about what happened when I was at Dunkirk that later led me to become a tank gunner. Kat told me that the vehicle in front of me was blown up and the driver was killed. Obviously I realized that could have been me.


Now I understand why I decided to become a tank gunner after being at Dunkirk. After seeing that truck get blown up, I probably figured I would be safer in a tank. But it’s also extremely ironic, considering what happened to me later, surviving an explosion that killed the rest of the crew and losing both my arms. I believe the expression is “out of the frying pan and into the fire.” Did I make the wrong choice? Who can say.


I asked Kat what would have happened if I had not become a tank gunner after Dunkirk. Her answer was completely unexpected. She said it would have taken more time, but eventually I would have been involved in an incident where I lost two limbs – possibly my legs, something to do with a horse accident.


I can only assume that I was karmically predestined to lose two of my limbs in that life. I asked Kat again what I did previously to generate that karmic result, but she could not answer me that question. This is one of the few times Kat has not been able to answer one of my questions – but given the nature of the question, that is not surprising.


Apparently I am not to know the answer, at least not at this time. Perhaps that is something I need to get for myself. Oh what a tangled web we weave!



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