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By: Alex



After doing past life work for over 20 years, I thought I had seen it all, but I just found out about another past life that was a complete surprise to me. This one’s still really hard for me to deal with and I’m still not done processing it yet, but I can tell you what I know about it now. I have to warn the reader that this is a war story and not exactly pleasant.


A movie came out recently called “Fury.” It starred Brad Pitt and was about the crew of an American Sherman tank in Germany in April of 1945, during the last days of World War II. This movie affected me deeply – I still can’t think about it without getting emotional. While not a true story, it was based on interviews from war veterans. As a result, it was very realistic and quite gruesome in places.


I had such a strong reaction to this movie that I turned to Kat, one of Foretell’s psychics to find out why. Kat told me that I had been a gunner in a Sherman tank during WWII. But that lifetime was a bit different from what happened in the movie.


The American Lend-Lease Program enabled the British military to use American equipment during the war. When the American M4 Sherman tank came out, the British were fighting the Germans in North Africa. The Brits desperately needed tanks, so the Yanks just shipped them right over. So North Africa is where the Sherman first saw action.


In my present life I have always felt that North Africa was a place to avoid at all costs, but I never knew why. Well, now I know. It turned out that I had been a gunner in a British Sherman tank in Northern Africa in 1942, during the battles of Tobruk and El Alamein. But at El Alamein there was an accident inside the tank.


Apparently there was what is called a “cook-off”. The loader was loading a tank round into the main gun, but the barrel was so hot that it fired the round off before the breech could be fully closed. This ejected the shell casing and all the hot gas into the tank compartment, killing everyone but me. I was knocked out and the rest of the tank crew fell on top of me afterwards.


I survived this horrific accident, but I lost both of my arms. Later on, I became depressed, and I think I was probably also addicted to morphine. Kat said that the British Army used me after that for my “intellectual capacity”, whatever that means. Probably I was used to train other tank crews to help them survive longer in battle. But the bottom line was that there was not much left for me to live for after that.


Kat said that I survived WWII and went back home to Dorchester, England. However, a few years after the war was over I took my own life. It was a combination of things, survivor guilt, and the shame of having to live the rest of my life without arms, totally dependent on other people.


When I asked Kat what the effect of that past life was on my present life, she said that that is why I hate doctors and hospitals. Apparently I had decided to never again be dependent on others like that ever again. This is what is called a “bleed through.”


Many people experience bleed-throughs from their past lives. When I was a kid in grade school in the ’70’s, I used to draw Sherman tanks and Tiger tanks all the time. I also built models of them. I never knew why I did this, but clearly this past life is one of the key reasons.


And when I joined the Army in 1986, I was determined to avoid being in any vehicle because I knew it was a potential target. I decided to take my chances on the ground, if it ever came to that. I think that came from this previous life as a tank gunner.


The latest bleed through is something that I’ve been seeing for quite a while now, in my mind. I only realized just now why I’ve been seeing it. It’s a short movie clip of a shell (like an artillery shell) being loaded into a gun and then going off. It just plays over and over again. It’s obviously from this past life. Hopefully if I do enough release work on this.



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