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By: Lulu Gleason




My self-taught lessons have taken me on an interesting journey. To share this with you is a great experience. Hopefully these blogs about each card help you as well. I had my mind mostly clear while selecting the next card. No real connection can be made with this particular pick at this time. I have decided to change up how I prepared these cards and am now going to include the reverse meanings as well. Learning the cards is usually the first step but knowing and understanding reverse aspects are just as important. Reverse meanings usually are the more negative or downsides of the card you are interpreting. The next card I’ve pulled from my deck is the Temperance Card.



Card Description: Rider-Waite Tarot Deck



The first thing you’ll notice about this card is the angel that stands in the center of it. A golden haired individual shown as an angel is pouring liquid from one cup to another. This angel stands with one foot in the water and one foot on the land. The background of the picture shows a beautiful blue sky with a glowing crown as the sun in the distance. You can see this angel standing next to some tall yellow flowers on the right hand side and a road leading to some mountains on the left. There seems to be a lot of symbolism in this card. Shapes of all types can be found through out the picture on this card.




Card Meanings:


Upright: Temperance is usually about flexibility and adapting to the new changes in life. Balance seems to be a very major theme in the upright position of this card. Whether it is through controlling your own actions or events in your life balance is something needed to achieve goals. This card indicates a time where new ideas seem to come to life. And it will be the responsibility of the querent to make sure that this balance this card is talking about is done. Compromise and be on the look out for a possible reconciliation.



Reverse meaning: This card in reverse is the more negative aspects of the card. If this card appears in reverse be on the look out for situations that could be out of your control. There seems to be an inability to juggle the many obstacles that could be in the way. The querent could be taking on too much responsibility, which could lead to a lot of tension in a very unsettling period of the querent’s situation. The best way to deal with this card or the aspects it brings forth is responding in a calm manner and hope that there’s another card in the reading to counter balance or bring forth positive aspects to the arguments dominating the querent’s life.




Key Words and Associations:

Upright: Flexibility, Change, Balance and possible reconciliation

Reverse: Tension




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