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By: Elly

We perused the internet and our own ever expanding dream dictionary, to find some common dreams. Here below are 10 of the most common dreams we have while deep asleep. How many have you had?

1. Nudity – Being naked is an obvious symbol of being exposed or being vulnerable in public. If you see someone else naked in your dream, it means that you’ve discovered the “naked truth” about someone or something.

2. Falling – Falling, or flying, has to do with freedom and weightlessness. If you are falling in your dreams and you are unafraid, then it means you’re going to overcome the troubles in your life with ease. If you are afraid, then it means you are feeling overwhelmed.

3. Dying – Death, like in the Tarot, does not mean the end of all things. Instead, it means rebirth, the end of one thing and the beginning of another. The death of a loved one in your dreams is symbolic of remembrance and guilt; the death of yourself lends the idea that you’re trying to become a new person.

4. Accident – If you dream you’re in an accident, chances are good that you’re feeling pent-up guilt over something that you’re unconsciously punishing yourself for. Did you cause the accident? Did someone hit you? It might mean that you’re “driving yourself” too hard, or that you’re afraid someone is trying to sabotage you.

5. Chase – Being chased is mostly an indication of worry. You may be trying to get away from something you feel is insurmountable. Being chased is also sign of some kind of insecurity or fear. It’s a signal from your subconscious to live up to your responsibilities.

6. Running – Running denotes avoidance. If you’re running in your dreams, you might be trying to flee an issue that you are having trouble with confronting.

7. Sex – Sex usually symbolizes completion on both a physical and spiritual level. It’s a feeling of wholeness. If it’s sex in public, it might mean that you’re not afraid to show who you are, all of you, and all that you can be.
Snow – Snow is symbolic of innocence and emotions as well. Seeing snow falling represents a new start and a clean slate. Seeing snow melting means that you’re letting go of your emotions and fears.

8. Test – For anyone, tests are nightmares. If you find yourself taking a test in your dream, you’re probably feeling pressured or scrutinized. Failing or passing the test is also symbolic to how you feel you’re measuring up to those around you.

9. Trips – Dreaming that you’re going on a trip or vacation is symbolic of your need to get away and have some fun. You probably feel stressed and know that you need to let go of your worries.

10. Losing Someone – These dreams generally denote that you’ve lost an opportunity or a relationship. If you lose someone in a crowd of people, then you might not be understanding them.

As you can see, a lot of things are not as scary as they might seem. Keep track of your dreams, and find out if you have reoccurring situations, or call one of our readers today to have a personalized interpretation!
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