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IMG_0138I’ve been thinking about doing this blog for a while now but I felt it would bring up a lot of issues about suddenly losing my Mother and my Grandfather last year. Then I realized it would help me to talk it out with those who have gone through similar experiences and who have also sensed, like I have, that their loved ones are trying to communicate with us from beyond. I know that I am not alone, so I would love to have everyone share and discuss their stories as I will with you.  -Namaste, Gabrielle.

Posted July 26th, 2010

I wanted to share an interesting story with everyone; since my mother passed I have felt her presence in more ways than one. I have also noticed that my “psychic sense” has grown stronger and stronger, no doubt this is her energy passed onto me. But sensing something is one thing, it’s subjective and can only be expressed in feelings, but there have been events, which have been strong enough to penetrate into the material world, which I cannot logically explain. Before my mother found out her Cancer had come back, before we knew anything was wrong, I was house hunting and, as always she was so happy to tag along and be my rock through my first experiences. There was one house in particular which she loved and knowing my love for modern she knew I loved it too. At the time the house seemed very much out of reach for me. A month later we found out she had a reoccurrence and I was soon finding my self back on an airplane to be with her, that’s all I could think of. Things progressed fast and before I could digest anything, she was gone. Devastated and lost, my life had changed and nothing seemed important anymore. As the months passed I found my self, exhausted, numb and in survival mode. I had a lot of responsibilities and she had told me “You of all people can not lose it, you have to keep it together for everyone.” Talk about pressure. And I did, I don’t know how but I did. As the months passed I found myself longing for my own retreat and having that I knew was my only saving grace. I thought about the house she had gone to see with me and I kept feeling my self drawn back and wondering, maybe I should give this a shot. I took a drive over to see the house and there it was still for sale and drastically reduced in price. Now all I can say from here was that in the process of buying this house, I had come across every imaginable roadblock to a mortgage but magically every problem we came across got solved with persistence. I remember at one point my mortgage lender saying, “Your mother must be helping.” Long story short, we got the house. Now I know what you’re going to say, this all seems like it could happen to anyone and there nothing otherworldly here, but I have not finished my story. When my ex and I went to the house for inspection, we were both taking pictures, after we left he said to me, “You know I smelled your moms perfume upstairs.” (This is often how we know she is around.) But the strange part is when I got home and uploaded the photos, I noticed a glowing orb in one of the images, not thinking anything of it, I kept looking at more photos. And then I came a across another photo with the same glowing orb. My ex had taken this second photo. To make it even more uncanny, the two photos were of the same exact spots in house but from two different angles. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, when my mom came to see the house with me she was in this spot in the house and I remember it like yesterday, she was in this spot looking at blue prints of the house only six months before. This is a digital camera; there is no negative to blame, no explanation, IT WAS HER! She wanted to be there and would not have it any other way.- Gabrielle

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  1. I’ve been told alot durring readings my grandmother watches over me alot. Now I never really took too much to think about it at the time. When I had gotten a reading from Margie, I knew she would tell me about my grandmother. I wasn’t expecting what I found out. You see, I have this knack in finding pennys I know that sounds pretty randome and not a coincidence I mean everyone finds a penny now again right? But no, every time every where no matter what I’m doing I always find a penny. Sometimes I’ve found them in very strange places. I remember once a friend of mine had cleaned out her car and was lending it to me for a couple days. When she came to my house with the car there was nothing on the seats (I know because I commented on the nice leather interier) After my friend had left and I went to get into the car there sitting on the passengers side was a penny from 1948. Whats this all mean? Well as I said I had gotten a reading from Margie (7020 if your interested in talking to her) It was alittle bit after I noticed finding penny’s everywhere. Durring that reading she told me to watch for the penny’s (she didnt know about my strange coincidence in finding them) they were from my grandmother just to let me know that she’s watching over me. Now I’ve never met my grandmother, she died long before I was even thought of. But I remember, after my reading about what Margie said and it started to make sence.Now every time I find penny’s I thank my grandmother and I’m very glad to have atleast this with her and even though my friends still poke fun at me because I’ll always find penny’s I tell them I would rather penny’s than some crazy ghost scarring the living daylights out of me!… now I ask coincidence? I think not!

    1. Yes I agree talking to a medium is comforting and just reaffirms what we already subconsciously know. That there is something beyond all this and that are past love ones somehow watch over us. Losing someone so close of course brings up the ultimate question. Why are we here? I can’t help but feel that this life in material existence is just but one stage in our evolution and that there is much more to come. Is everything we do a test? A learning experience? Not necessary that we are being judged but perhaps we are our own judges. You know that little thing that sits on your shoulder that tells you right from wrong. Is it God, or are we tapping into the interconnective energy that connects us all? Or is that in itself, that energy…God?

  2. I have always believed that there is something beyond this physical life but exactly what it is or how it works I am not sure. July 4th weekend is always a rough time for myself and my husband. My husbands father died on July 5th 2004 and we lost his mother after a 19 year battle with cancer on July 2nd 2009. It has been a year since she passed and I always feel that she helps my husband now and then. Things just seem to go his way a lttle more these days. I had been think about Gabrielle’s blog for a few weeks now but it was not until this weekend that I knew I had to comment. My husband was in a very bad car accident on July 1st and our car was very badly damaged. The wheel on the left driver side is completly turned backwards and it smashed the front end of the car and the driver door inwards towards my husband. Both airbags deployed and the car is no longer able to be fixed. Now hearing all this you would assume my husband is very badly injured as well but by some miracle he was not. The only injuries he has is a few bad cuts in his neck and throat. When I saw the car and how bad it was I cried because I could have lost him that day. I believe his mom was with him and she is the only reason he was not killed or hurt more seriously. Is it just coinsidence that he had this accident the day before her anniversary or was it meant to happen this way for a reason? I am truly thankful that he is alove and well. I believe we all have someone watching out for us and one day we will be the ones to watch over someone else.

  3. I think only you can decide whether or not you think you are psychic. Start keeping a dream and vision journal, and go back to it often. You’ll start to see a pattern, one way or the other.

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