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By: J Nighteagle




Fire, one of the five elements of life, with all of it”s magical connotations, is of vital importance especially during the Winter season. The hearth, in which the magical fire is kept, is the traditional center of the home. Symbolic of warmth, security and companionship, it is a place for dreaming, where by gazing into the embers it becomes possible to discover the secrets of the future.


Pyromancy- The art of divination by fire.


For this particular divination the lighting of the fire it self should be special. It could be from one of the magical woods, such as, Hazel, Oak, Elder, Ash, etc. It could be built during a favorable astrological time, or a time of any special significance, as long as it has meaning and importance to you.


Once you have kindled your very special fire, it”s hypnotic fluttering and flickering upon which you concentrate, will install within you a state of perception which allows for much easier interpretation of the sings and portents to come.



Sacred Fires:


In ancient times the customs and traditions surrounding fire held much more importance than now. Fire was sacred. Fires were religiously maintained by specially appointed fire tenders. These sacred fires, the hart and sole of the community, were attended by religious and magical rites. All other fires in the community were lit directly from the sacred fire. The fire than transferred to the individual home represented the focal center of that family. It was contained in the hearth and supplied sustenance, comfort and warmth. It was considered the hart of the family.


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