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By: Nancy



The worlds free flowing energy is of honesty and things going straight forward upon the plains of life. Blocking good energy and movement that’s meant to be can be interrupted by manipulation of game playing, negativity of some who work against the good as life flowing along in a positive state can be disturbed by manmade machinery such as someone texting that interferes with communication of what’s meant to be as negativity of others can interfere with the good flow of life in a great harmony. Therefore those being negative in selfishness or for revenge to get even can stomp out the good that a person deserves. Your Angels and guides want the best for you and their job is to protect you. The higher rank you have had in other lifetimes the more Angels are flying by your side. The good people who are honest and sincerely kind are the ones who they want the best for. The ones who are caring of others and not only thinking of themselves the ones who don’t enjoy harming another person but who lose sleep over it with it in their consciousness as the good people are the ones who keep the great flow of life going by an Angels wings great flight by their side above and around you now is the great songs of many wise Angels flying over as a trail of a silk thread to your heart they do keep a note on each task you conquer and also of the ones that harm others and to leave the earthly state when that time comes they pull out their notepads they kept on your earthly endeavors and count them up in a ring of Angels deciding how many of us shall fly by thee? Is there to be ten Angels taking them away down a long black dark tunnel to put so much fear in their insides of not eternal life that they go back to return to the earth to be a ghost is sometimes the case, or are there a million soaring flocks of lengthy winged Angels in a harmonious flight around them ? that say hurry for the crown they may receive by our judging we have done in an Angels ring deciding on their character of doing good in the world by not harming another on purpose or are the ones who go out of their way to hurt someone in a sadistic manner to laugh at harm they did on purpose such as interfering by manipulating on a text to steal somebody or to ruin a great life ? The Angels decide by notes they take by the persons side that they are assigned to and who’s on the reincarnation list? who will go to another part of heaven to sit and mourn their past life and regret the things they have done and who will earn large wings to fly around past the sun with some Saints to see the world as if they are an astronaut without the fear of falling down flying around as the Angels Wings are made of stone thats unbreakable as its thin air really by that of heavens sphere that sings a light and airy song as they feel the flight of a great vast heavenly realm of a flight past while music plays around them by their great life on earth of being a good person who does not cause harm they are rewarded by the enjoyment of becoming a flying Angel with large wings and the better they are in their past life the longer their wings are and wing spans do show the important decision makers who’s the best for a great assignment and who shall sit in a darkened place ? to regret the way they were on earth to others is the system of heavens judging says my Angel as many say I can do whatever I want no one will know when I’m gone what’s it matter anyway? They come to know my Angels know everything by their notes they kept on a notepad and they have them on past lives also and compare them to see if they advanced as a person to take on an important measure ? or did they interfere with everything in life that’s good ? that’s meant to flow along in harmony as interference of negativity selfishness cruelty manipulating and dishonesty can interfere with everybody and with timing such as lying about things can confuse many and deceive them to follow the wrong information and upsetting someone on purpose can slow down their day.
Therefore the good in life by many helps the world with free-flowing energy and the Angels Ring does the deciding.








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