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By: J Nighteagle




Animal Totems go by a variety of names. They are called spirit animals, power animals, totem helpers and others. Regardless of how people refer to them, certain beliefs are common:

1. Every animal has a powerful spirit.


2. This spirit may be it’s own, or that of a being who uses the animal image to communicate messages of the world to humans.


3. Every animal has it’s talents. A study of it’s talents will reveal the kind of medicine, magic, and power it can help you to develop within your own life. Remember, every animal has a specialty.


4. Lifelong power animals are usually wild, not domesticated, animals. There are few exceptions, but even these exceptions are often just links to the true power animal.


For example, people may have dogs or cats as totems. These have their own medicine and power, but the domesticated animal may only be a softened form of it’s wild counterpart. A dog may be a link to the wolf, coyote, or any of the wild canine family. A cat may be a link to a member of the wild feline family, such as panthers, lions, tigers, and such.


For many, beginning with the domesticated form of the totem it’s a way of laying a foundation so that some day they will be able to handle and work more effectively with it’s true power form.


5. The animal chooses the person, not the other way around. Many believe that they can just choose an animal and start communicating with it. Usually ego gets in the way at these times. The individual chooses the animal he or she believes to be the most glamorous and powerful, rather then what is harmonious to the individual.


These results are ineffectual and often frustrating. No animal is better or worse then any other. Every animals medicine is unique. It is always much better to be powerful in mouse medicine then it is to be clumsy and ineffectual in eagle medicine. You will find your greatest success in the animal that comes to you.


6. You must develop a relationship with your totem. To communicate with them demands respect. You must learn their point of view. Animals will not just warm up to you immediately They must learn to trust you and your limitations, and you must learn to trust them and their limitations. This takes time, patience and practice.


7. You must honor your totem for it”s  medicine to be effective in your life. The more you honor them– the more significance you give them in your life–the more powerful and effective they become. Some of the ways you can honor them and draw them closer into your life is by: Hanging pictures of them, Drawing pictures of them, Reading and learning as much about them as possible. Also, by donating to wildlife organizations with time and / or money.




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