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By : Alex


Every so often something comes up for me from my past lives. In fact, I actually work to bring this stuff up. Why would anybody do that, especially since some of it is horribly violent? I can answer that question with one word: karma.


In short, life works from the inside out. There’s a lot of stuff inside us that we can’t see, but it acts in a causal manner and generates our experiences: who we see, what we do, our reactions. Not trivial at all, and actually the best place to work if you want to change your life.


In my particular case, I found a movie about a frontiersman who had been mauled by a bear. That didn’t really register with me when I first got the movie, but it became obvious when the scene came up in the film.


The scene is quite horrific, and the frontiersman is left for dead by his comrades. This scene once again brought up a past life I had in Wyoming, in the late 1800’s. I think I had been a doctor, and moved there from the east coast. I somehow managed to survive the Civil War, and moved out to Wyoming with my wife. We had a ranch with some cattle and it was a nice place.



Well, apparently there was a grizzly bear in the area who also liked our cattle. I got tired of him killing them whenever he wanted, so one day I went out to hunt him down. I got about a mile out from our ranch, when my horse got spooked by a rattlesnake. He reared up and threw me off. I fell on the ground and broke my leg. Then the bear attacked me and slashed my throat. I managed to kill the bear first with my knife. I died soon after that.


Since I had told my wife where I was going, when I didn’t show up she rode out and saw what happened to me. I think that was the end of the Wild West for her. She went back east and that was the end of that.


This was an incredibly horrible experience for me to relive while I was watching this movie. However painful, I know I needed to go through it in order to move forward with my life. I also knew I’d probably have to see this movie a few times to clear it all for good.


I’ve been doing past life work for probably 24 years now. I keep hoping it will get easier, but it never does. It’s up to us to dredge up our past lives and work to release and heal them. It’s the only way I know (except for doing affirmations) to change your life.


There seems to be a possibility of a move for me and my girlfriend towards the end of this year, to a nicer place (hopefully.) I am hoping I can do enough inner work to bring this about. The bear attack for me was a huge experience, so it’s good to work on letting it go.


The good thing about all this is that once these experiences have been released, they should not bother you again. If you truly let go of the karma, it is basically non-functional. Try saying that five times fast!




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