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By: J Nighteagle



To the American Indian the word “medicine” meant more than a substance to restore health and vitality to a sick or run-down physical body. “Medicine” meant “power” – A virtual energy force that could be drawn upon and directed – and “wholeness”. “Medicine” also meant “knowledge”. The Medicine Wheel might be defined as, “A Circle of Knowledge that restores wholeness and gives power to ones life. The Medicine Wheel was developed by some tribes more than others, but to many it was the principal method of explaining life and a means to personal empowerment and life enhancement.


The circle of power – the Medicine Wheel – served many purpose. It was a map of the Mind. It was a chart to lead its user to the discovery of the Inner-Self, to the divinity within, and to a knowledge of the true purpose of ones life. It was a working tool with witch to fashion ones own self-development. It was a device for tuning into the Earths psychic energies and to the unseen forces of Nature. It was a working laboratory in which metaphysical tasks could be safely carried out. It was both a teaching aid and a learning package that uncovered the meaning behind some of the deepest mysteries of life.


Until resent years that knowledge and wisdom appeared to have been lost. It was however, it was being guarded and protected, and now it can be made available, portion by portion, to the genuine seeker who has an open mind, a pure hart and readiness to receive it. For the time has arrived in human history for a revival of the ancient wisdom – a revival that was foretold in the legends and stories of the Amerindian and of other cultures. It is a time when the Red Indian Race Spirit returns to help to turn mankind away from the path of destruction along which its heading through mans folly, greed and arrogance, and to redirect It to the way of enlightenment and expanded consciousness.




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