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By: Alex




I have written previously about a past life in which I was a soldier in the army of Vlad The Impaler, (Dracula) in Romania in the late 1400’s. A Foretell psychic named Kat has confirmed my intuition about many things from that lifetime that are not in the recorded history of the time. But a few things still bothered me. Why did the Turks leave Romania in such a hurry? And why did Dracula impale his enemies and drink their blood?


It turns out that Dracula’s family worshipped a family of dragons. Dracula means “Son of the Dragon.” Dracula and his father were both inducted into The Order of the Dragon, a military society charged with defending Christendom by the Pope at that time. The Pope had issued a decree for a Holy War against the Ottoman Turks, who were threatening to take over Europe.


After his father was murdered, Dracula was the only one who gathered a force to comply with the Pope’s edict to drive out the Turks. Since Dracula was basically a wizard, and he had a strong connection to the dragons, I think he called on them to help him defeat the invading Turks. But the way he did this was rather unusual, to say the least.


There are images from woodcuts from that time that show hundreds and thousands of people being impaled while Dracula sits at a table. Most people consider Dracula a demon because of this, but many people in Romania consider him a hero. In truth it was a very difficult and complicated situation. Hopefully this may resolve some of this controversy.


I was a lieutenant in Dracula’s army. Dracula trained us to be able to fight in any circumstances or conditions. At some point (I was in his army for about 20 years) I and others were offered a chance to join a special unit that he was forming to fight the Turks. This was basically a light cavalry unit. It was what we would consider a Special Forces team today. Our job was to go in (usually during the night) and cause as much damage to the enemy as possible.


While we were well trained, we just didn’t have the numbers to fight the Turks in open battle, so we used “hit and run” tactics. While these tactics were effective, they still weren’t enough to drive the Turks out of Romania. At one point Dracula found out that the Turks were planning to bring in a much larger force, so we went on some raids and captured some of the Turks.


Dracula impaled his enemies for several reasons. He had seen the Turks do this when he was forced to stay with them in Turkey, and he hated the Turks. They had murdered his father and brother. Now they were invading his home, Wallachia, a region of Romania of which he was the ruler.


Since Dracula was psychic, he was able to gather intelligence by drinking the blood of his enemies. It was the fastest way of finding out what was going on. The Turks had spies everywhere, and were such liars that he couldn’t trust anything they said. The reason that we, his soldiers, drank the blood of the Turks was that we didn’t have time to prepare food, so for us it was a form of fast food.


The main reason that Dracula impaled his enemies was to call out the dragons that lived in the caves nearby. He needed their help to defeat the Turks. Dracula knew that the cries of his impaled victims would be heard by the dragons, and once they smelled their blood, they would begin feasting on them. Dracula did this to offer the dragons a gift of food so that he could ask them to help him defeat the Turks, which they did, evidently with great effectiveness. This, I believe, is the real reason that the Turks left Romania in such a hurry.


The Turks’ defeat by the dragons was never documented. Dracula never mentioned it because nobody would believe him, and it would destroy his credibility with his allies. The Turks never mentioned it or recorded it historically because they were too proud to admit defeat. Dracula never asked us, his soldiers, to make a vow of silence about it but I don’t think anyone who was there ever mentioned it. We were too stunned. Who would believe us?


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