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By: Lulu Gleason

What exactly is Mercury retrograde? What does it mean when someone comments that we are in one when something goes wrong? How does this affect things around me? Apparently, Mercury retrograde is a time when the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards like an optical illusion.

To most astrologers, Mercury is the planet most associated with communication, logical and rational thinking. So the idea is when Mercury is going forward so is most conversations, when in retrograde (backwards) communication tends to be a bit distorted. Generally we have about 3 retrograde periods through out the year. In 2012, the first one started on March 12, 2012 and will last until April 4th.

To an astrologer Mercury will be retrograding in Pisces. My sources indicate that this means during this retrograde we will see a lot more of Pisces style of confrontation in order to deal with past issues. What does this mean exactly? Well it means plenty of duplicity, speaking one’s mind before thinking, and an opportunity to learn how to be open and honest while also being diplomatic.

Just be careful you don’t put your foot into your mouth during this particular retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are as one astrologer put it the Murphy’s Law of the astrology world. The reasons why you see some people yell in discussions ‘its Mercury retrograde isn’t it?’ is because while in retrograde things such as communication, travel, and other issues go wrong.

This is a period where computers, phone lines, and anything that generally involves communication, or even traveling goes a bit crazy. It’s been suggested that prior to Mercury going retrograde to back up your computer files, start new projects, and make any type of important decisions that are necessary.

Now there are cases or people rather who have been born during a Mercury retrograde. If you were born during a retrograde period you have a tendency of being misunderstood. Many times people who were born during a non retrograde period find the ones that are born at the time of a retrograde a bit backwards.

Yet when a retrograde happens in Mercury the same ‘backwards’ thinkers seem able to handle everything perfectly fine. In fact, most times they seem to be a bit more understandable and more capable of getting ideas across.

People born during non retrograde periods tend to be more willing to hear what it is that the retrograde born people are talking about. I would suggest getting an astrology reading to find a more in depth understanding of your personality and how this Mercury retrograde could affect you.

I still had questions so I took my research to two psychic astrologers on I needed more insight from a professional astrologer to help me sort through all the information I had been gathering. I most of all wanted to find out how Mercury retrograde will affect everyone and if there were any tricks or suggestions in order to handle the effects.

Margie 7020 said that retrogrades in Mercury are the ‘astro clean up periods’. Giving a chance to finish up or handle old business, personal affairs, or anything else we’ve seemed to have started and then put aside. She said during a retrograde it is strongly advised to not move forward or make any type of finalizing decisions. Nevertheless, this time should be used to better organize existing areas of your life.

This is a time to clean up past issues so that when Mercury goes back to normal (in a forward motion) you can move forward successfully. Mercury retrograde isn’t something you should hide away from, but use to your advantage. Take the time to re-think, re-organize, and improve on existing qualities.

She also mentioned when things go wrong during a retrograde it’s the universe saying ‘hey pay attention to this because you’ve been putting it off lately and this is important’.

Shawna 7035 says that this is not a time to get married, or sign any important legal documents if possible. She mentions that during Mercury retrograde most people tend to miss fine details that are really important to the issues at hand.

Many issues that have been pushed off to the side will be shoved into the light during this retrograde sometimes in a very blunt not so nice way. Aries is a sign that is very straightforward and brutally honest at times. As Shawna said, Aries is looking for the spot light to call out many things that has or had been bothering it.

We should see a lot more people around the world bringing issues forward while in the retrograde. She also mentioned just as a side note that most people who are born during a retrograde have some past life issues that need to be taken care of in this life. I’m not sure exactly what she meant by that. To gain more insight I would suggest trying to get into contact with either her or another fully capable astrologer.

Insight into the retrograde has been an interesting and enlightening experience. I’ve already taken necessary steps in order to prepare myself for Mercury going retrograde. Hopefully the effect of this retrograde isn’t harsh on any of us. Moreover, remember use the many retrogrades to your advantage to help improve on existing situations by growing and maintaining organization within your own lives.

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