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By: Alex



This blog is a (very) condensed version of several years of past life recall on my part. Much of this will be difficult to believe. The saying “Truth is stranger than fiction” is certainly true here. In the interest of brevity I have omitted a lot of details, but this is the truth as far as I know it.


In the last several years I have become much more aware of the origins of life on our planet. It is unfortunate that in our history there has been a dichotomy between the view of “creationism”, as typified by the Christian religions on one hand and Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution on the other.


It turns out that both views are actually correct: We were basically engineered by a race of extraterrestrials, who had to leave for various reasons, and in that interim period our race has evolved in various ways. In the last several years I have found out through my own past life explorations that in fact I was also once an ET, and with Kat’s help (one of Foretell’s psychics), I was able to put some of the pieces together. Hopefully this overview will be helpful to those who want to know what really happened.


Considering enormous time frames can be extremely disorienting in psychic work. As a result, I can’t assign actual dates to anything that follows. I can only relate the events in the order in which they occurred.


In the first life that I am consciously aware of, I was an ET. I think I lived on a planet that was part of the Pleiades. I was not a clone, but my grandfather was. We lived in a large city that was much like New York City. There was a war going on. It wasn’t safe there, so we moved a few miles out from the city into a large cave. I remember there were some bats there.


Among us was an unusual being, who had the head of a falcon. He would be later known as Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. We would meet him again much later on Earth during the time of Ancient Egypt. Ra, for the lack of a better word, was the father of us all. He was part of a master race of beings that had the power to create life.


Our race was originally created as a part of a plan to counterbalance the evil forces that were in play at that time. I know that I was programmed on a ship towards this end. The technology that was used to do this is far beyond anything we can imagine.


The war was being lost. Eventually our race was conscripted as slave labor for another project on another planet as part of some kind of settlement. In addition, there was something wrong with our planet and our race would not survive. In what was a very traumatic event for me (I was very young), I was put on a ship with a lot of other ET’s, even those we were at war with, along with a bunch of strange and unusual animals (dinosaurs, among other things) and we were taken to Mars. I think this trip took about 5 years at basically the speed of light.


Mars was a beautiful planet. It was totally amazing. It was warmer then than it is now, by about 100 degrees, so instead of being about 50 below zero it was 50 above. This was due to the volcanic activity that was going on. There was an ocean there. I loved Mars so much that it has taken me years of past life recollection to get over how much I missed it.


I’m not clear on this next part, but I think there was some kind of mining accident or sabotage that caused a change in the atmosphere. Over a long period of time the atmosphere started to leave, and then the ocean started to evaporate. As a result, the planet was no longer habitable, so we had to leave.


We were taken to Earth, and founded what became known as Atlantis. That’s a whole other set of stories, but basically we were there to monitor the environment and help bring about the conditions for life on the planet. The ET’s still check on us from time to time, and they will be returning in about 15 to 20 years, when the next Ice Age will begin. Then about 200,000 of us will be taken to a new planet for the next phase in our evolution.




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