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By: J Nighteagle




Various cultures have endeavored to relate to the Four Great Powers by regarding them as gods. But the American-Indian related to them as “Spirit beings” who expressed not so much the forces themselves but the intelligence of directing the Mind that exercised those forces.


These four Spirit beings were depicted in there principal roles as, quite literally, the care takers of the universe and associated with what the Indian called” the Four Winds” of the four cardinal directions of East, South, West and North. Because they were regarded as expressions of the Mind of Great Spirit, they contained within themselves the essence or spirit force of their particular power which keeps the universe and its life support systems in existence, hence they were sometimes refereed to as “Spirit Keepers”.


The four Spirit Keepers were said to reveal themselves through the language of symbolism, through an individuals inner experience, and sometimes through visions or dreams.


The Spirit Keepers thus have similarities with the Four Archangels of Judaeo – Christian tradition and with the Four Guardians of the Quarters of  Western mystical systems. But whereas the Western entities are formidable and fearsome figures and rather difficult to imagine, the Spirit Keepers are presented as approachable, helpful and cooperating.


Indeed, the Indian did not distance himself from them but sought to establish a close and harmonious relationship.




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