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By : Nikki Savage


We have come to the last of the four agreements as written by don Miguel Ruiz.  In some ways I feel it is the easiest of the four but on some days, maybe not.  The last agreement is simple:




I say this one is the easiest because I feel this is the one that we are completely in control of in that no one else is involved.  Being impeccable with our words involves speaking to others who may or may not be hoping to draw us into an argument.  Taking nothing personally is avoiding our own hurt feelings over the words or actions of another.  And making no assumptions involves our perceptions of others.   But doing our best?  That is all our own.


I know sometimes others may drop obstacles along the path to being our best, but they can’t stop us.  Only we can.  And really, only we know what our best is at any given time. Our best fluctuates.  It can be better or worse depending on our wellness or what other things we having going on in our world. But we know if we gave it all we had, even if we didn’t have it all.


The beauty in giving everything our best is in leaving it all out there so when it is over, we are not burdened with any baggage like regret or the “shoulda/coulda”s.  We don’t feel bad for letting anyone down if we really did do our best.  But when we know we didn’t give it everything that we could, we let ourselves down.  And there is no escape from knowing that truth even if no one could tell.


A byproduct of having a mentality of always doing our best is developing the ability to more mindfully invest our time.  If we truly commit ourselves to always doing our best, it can make it easier to say no to things that do not speak to our best selves or that come at a time where our best is just not available.  If we know up front we cannot offer our best selves to the task, no can be the most honest answer we can give.  But what we do agree to, we must honor our commitment and then honor ourselves by doing our best.


The thing with all the four agreements is that not a single one of them is a matter of just agreeing.  They are all an ongoing commitment  to showing up in the best possible way each and every moment.   They are holding ourselves accountable for our reactions and responses and knowing how to avoid putting ourselves in positions that compromise our integrity.  Sometimes honoring the Four Agreements has us pausing and disengaging with a situation.  Sometimes it has us amplifying a situation.  Sometimes it isn’t about the scenario but about our own health and wellness.  These are all things that are never still, so how we go about navigating them will always change too.


Each moment brings a new opportunity to be our best.  Sometimes we rise to the challenge and other times we fall short.  So as much as we are in control of how we respond, we are all only human and things can get the best of us.  So as we walk the path of the agreements, we do well to carry a pocketful of grace for ourselves.  We don’t serve anyone when we beat ourselves up when we stumble.  We need to help ourselves up and keep doing our work.  The world needs us to do our best.  And I have faith that we will.



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