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By: J Nighteagle



The Indian regarded needs as those things which, when denied caused long term pain. Needs are things we feel we must have, but can only be supplied by others. Satisfy the need and the pain vanishes-but only for a short time than there is need again, crying out to be satisfied. Needs continue, so only a short-term pleasure is obtained by satisfying needs.


Desires were regarded as things that do not require outside help to satisfy . Desires were what you could obtain for yourself and always brought pleasure. Since the South is related to the emotions, consider now what “needs” of your emotional life you would like to have banished in order to attain emotional harmony. What emotional needs would you like to give-away? . For instance, do you need acknowledgment and recognition for the acts you do? Do you feel emotionally hurt if your efforts do not receive the praise and reward they deserve. Than give-away your need for recognition. Enjoy the doing. Determine to preserve weather you receive encouragement, praise, or non at all.

Associate the needs you are giving away with the seeds or beans you have been holding in your hand. Scoop up a little earth and bury the grains which now represent those needs. You are thus giving up that which has caused you pain. You are giving those needs to the Earth to be transformed. Such a symbolic act will impress itself on the subconscious mind which will than act on the “instruction”.

Finally, consider what positive emotional attributes it would be desirable to give to others as an “offering” to bring them pleasure. What has been a healing balm for you when you have suffered emotional hurt? The compassion and understanding of someone else, perhaps? Then determine to give your compassion and sympathetic understanding to whoever may seek your counsel, advice or help.

Before leaving your power spot, thank the spirit of the South, the spirits of Nature are all around you and the Great Spirit, for help and understanding that has been imparted to you. As a gesture in “earthing”your intention, take with you some cornmeal, dried Sage, or mixed herbs and sprinkle a little on the ground where you have been sitting. An Indian never took anything from Nature without also giving something in return and often carried such an offering in a pouch.


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