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By: Alex 




Every so often, I come across something that is difficult to believe. I have often thought that it’s the things we don’t know that we should pursue. But that pursuit can lead into some pretty strange places, and there is no way of knowing what you will find.


I was watching a movie about the ancient Greek Gods the other day. Someone had stolen Zeus’ thunderbolt and there was going to be a war unless it was returned. As the movie opened and Poseidon walked out of the ocean I kept hearing myself say “That can’t possibly be true!” over and over again. This brought up a lot of tears, but I didn’t know what it was all about. I decided to ask Kat, one of Fortell’s psychics, what was going on. The movie was about a battle between the gods – in this case, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. I could feel Zeus’ energy very strongly, but it was just too much for me to believe that I had any kind of connection to him. That can’t possibly be true.. can it?


Kat said that I had actually been a messenger for Zeus in one of my previous lives. I don’t know if I was in physical form then. I asked her if I had any powers. She said “A little.” Well, all this was really hard for me to accept. I have been exploring my past lives for over 20 years and I had only known of one life during the time of Ancient Greece.


But it turns out my denial actually went deeper. Kat said basically that I had a lot of trouble even accepting the fact that the ancient Greek Gods really existed. I had to agree with her. We had a discussion about that, and I don’t remember all that was said, but even to this day it just seems too fantastic to believe that the Greek Gods actually existed.


Then Kat said something really interesting. She had been doing ceremonies with the Gods of Ancient Egypt for quite a while, which I attended, and we had both known of our connection with them. We both knew that the Gods of Ancient Egypt still existed. I could feel their presence during the ceremonies, and we knew they have responded to our requests in different ways.


Kat’s question was, why did the Gods of Ancient Egypt survive to this day, while the Gods of Ancient Greece seem to have vanished? Kat seemed to think that the people of Greece stopped praying to them, and the gods withdrew and eventually their essence went back into the Cosmos. My question was, what happened to Ancient Greece that it failed ultimately as a civilization? After pondering this for a while I became convinced that the answers to both of our questions were linked.


I found an article on the Net that suggests there was a 300 year drought that destroyed the Hittite culture and possibly that of Greece as well. There is scientific evidence to support this. It is also documented that there was an invasion of Egypt by the Sea Peoples during the reign of Pharaoh Rameses III. What is unusual is that the invaders brought their families with them. That’s a pretty big clue that they were looking for a new place to live, so it is quite possible that these people were driven from their homes by a huge drought.


I asked Kat if the drought was due to a natural causes, like a climate cycle. She didn’t think so. She thought it was deliberately caused. Could the Greek Gods have done this? Kat said that towards the end of their civilization, the Greeks started attributing their success in battle to their own efforts. They took credit for their success, instead of honoring the Gods.


As a result, the Gods withdrew and only intervened when called upon. Finally, the Gods created the drought to punish the Greeks for not acknowledging them. What a tragic ending to an incredible tale, just like a classic Greek tragedy. But in this case it was not just an ending to a play, it was the ending of an entire civilization. It’s still hard for me to believe that this may have actually happened. But many things in my past lives were beyond belief. This could be one of them.



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