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By: Alex
We often encounter animals in our lives that we have known before. What most people don’t know is that animals can be different in past lives than they are today. Here’s an example that I think you will find interesting. I know someone who has three dogs.

They are miniature pincschers. Each one is unique and definitely has their own personality traits. Tom, the oldest dog, is the largest. Tom is also very protective and will bark at anyone he doesn’t like. (Especially if he’s in the car.) And he just loves me to death.

Whenever Tom sees me, he gets excited. Even though he doesn’t have much of a tail I can still see his whole body wiggle. If I am sitting, he has to jump into my lap. When I pet him he gets all excited and starts making noises. “Aourrrr!!!”. (Well, something like that.) If I’m doing something in the kitchen, he will sit with his back touching my leg.

I was thinking about Tom’s ear one day. He has one ear that stands up straight and one ear that sort of flops down half way. It just seemed strange to me. Later on, I asked “Cat”, one of Foretell’s psychics about it. She said that I knew Tom a long long time ago, and that he had been one of my pets.

In that (past) lifetime, I had several pets. I had a big beautiful bird, which it turns out was my cat Charlotte, that I have written about previously. And then there were three animals that are these three dogs that I am talking about here. But they weren’t dogs back then. The other two dogs? Well, one (Beau) was a monkey, and the other (Setii) was a horse. And Tom? Tom wasn’t a dog, like he is today.

He was a fish! A big, huge prehistoric fish! He was probably about 6 feet long, with a big mouth full of big, sharp teeth. And he had a fin, on the top, that was sort of half folded over. (Just like his one ear is today.) He was also easily excited and defensive, just like he is today. And he loved me to death back then too. So you see, the personality traits and many physical characteristics carry through from lifetime to lifetime.

Back then, I had Tom as a pet, but he was more of a “guard fish.” if you will. I had him in a pool of water near the door inside the house, and whenever anyone came in, (especially if he didn’t like them) he would get agitated and thrash around. I think he even might have made some kind of noise (kind of like he does today.) And he would wiggle also when I came in because he was happy that I was there. Some things never change!

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