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By: John Bell

© Yurolaitsalbert | - Woman Specifies The Thumbs Up.
© Yurolaitsalbert | - Woman Specifies The Thumbs Up.




We all have ambitions in our lives and all of us want to accomplish that ambition. For attaining our ambition we all our doing hard work but we see that not all the people around us are successful in their respective fields or ambition. It is generally said that Ambition is an important key for successful career and also a successful life. The first step is to have a fixed ambition in your life; having an ambition in life does not mean that you need to have just a single ambition in your life. Having ambition in life does not also necessarily means choosing a particular career.


The word ambition means that what you want to achieve in your life and how will you accomplish it. You can numerous ambitions and for each one you can decide a time frame within which probably you might accomplish it and then only you can say that you have achieved your ambition. The definition of ambition as defined by some good dictionary is the determination in us which drives us to accomplish our goals. It means that achieving goals and being successful requires a force which makes us active towards it. The question here is that where that force does comes from?


According to Vladimir Slutsker, who is a famous practitioner of Kabbalah believes and preaches that human body is full of positive energy and it can be used quite positively for achieving our goals. If this energy is not used in a proper way and at proper time, it will come out as a body deformity and make you sick. This is also the main teaching of Kabbalah which is a spiritual practice of the Jewish dynasties and also the present Jews. To achieve your dreams follow some simple steps which would help you to grow your inner desire more and more.


Talk to yourself: generally we have time for all other tasks and the tasks of others but we don’t realize that we are not giving time to ourselves and do not listen to what’s going inside us. Simply take out few minutes and talk to yourself. This will help you judge your good and bad points and you could a bit changes in yourself for improvements.


Talking out Loud: Just like you are speaking to yourself in your mind, you can also talk to yourself in a loud voice and do the same practice.


Polite Reply: if anyone is speaking negative about your ambition simply listen to what they are saying and give a polite reply.




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