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By: J Nighteagle




Some modern gardeners, however, have noticed that plants that are talked to and “loved, flourish much better then plants that are not shown this care and respect. This is often seen as a strange and quirky belief, but to the people of Turtle Island, it was an obvious truth. Humans have often said, if only the animals could talk.


Could it be that the animals are saying, if only two- legged would listen! And not only the animals, but the birds and trees, the rocks, the clouds, the lightning- the whole of nature. Medicine people say that plants” talk, with colors, and animals with pictures, both of which may be seen with the inner eye of spirit.


Occasionally they may even use the words! have you ever been walking alone in a forest, or some other wild place, and turned suddenly to see who is calling you? There is no one there but the trees. Could it have been the “ Standing People” Grandmother and Grandfather Tree – calling you quietly in the wind? Or have you ever sat by a babbling brook and listened with your inner ear to the voices and music within the rushing ringing of the water?


Could it be the water spirits singing to you? To understand the language of Nature we have to enter into a different type of awareness, an awareness that is poetic, that delights in the senses – smell, sound, vision, taste and touch; that is intuitive and magical; that is respectful and observant.


The “animistic ‘ an awareness is often called “primitive. It comes naturally to children, and most people have faint memories of the magical world they inhabited in there early childhood. Is this an infantile stage that we have grown out of and which “primitives” have been unable to transcend? Or, rather, have we abandoned our natural knowing, so that we may survive in our dead, harsh, “grown-up reality?


For the People of Turtle Island, everything was alive, and all forms of life were seen as “our relations. They believed that the Creator created humans last by combining all other life forms, therefore everything in Nature has something to teach us, if we are prepared to listen with the ear of our hart to the wordless language of spirit – a language which we all encounter, in one of it”s forms, in the strange symbolic events of our dreams.



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