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The circle is an ancient symbol. It is found in various forms in nearly every culture, past and present. The Hindus used the circle to represent the Wheel of Existence, the Chinese in their Yin and Yang symbol, which represents the active and passive forces of the universe. There are many circles in Europe, such as Stonehenge in England, which were evidently sacred to their makers.


The Native American used the circle in the shapes of there homes, shields, and medicine wheels.   There are over fifty medicine wheels in the United States. The most famous and largest is the Big Horn medicine wheel located in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Some researchers think the medicine wheels were used as astrological calendars for determining the summer solstice, winter equinox, and other points throughout the year.


The wheels have a more significant spiritual meaning, however. The circle or wheel, is the symbol of eternity, because it has no begriming and no end. Its round shape symbolizes wholeness, centeredness, completeness, and unification. The cycle of life: birth, growth, death, and rebirth, is represented by the circle. In some cosmologies the universe itself is considered to fall within one all-encompassing circle.


The circle symbolizes the web of life, that is to say, the integration and unity of all living things in one balanced whole. Recent experiments in particle physics indicate that the interconnection of the parts of the universe is far more profound then previously imagined. For example, two photons from a photon pair separated in space ( even separated by billions of miles ) have been shown to communicate with each other simultaneously, reveling the presence of a placeless, timeless dimension to the universe.




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