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By: Kal

Have you ever been speaking to someone and you thought, “Oh, they look a little blue today?” Or maybe you’ve heard of the expression that someone was “radiating energy”? That color we associate with people is often the idea behind auras. An aura is an energy field, something radiant, surrounding a person.

It’s the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body but it also surrounds any object and creature in the world. Each one has its own color and frequency and often reflects a person’s mood, thoughts, physical, mental, and astral state.

A psychic can tune into these auras sometimes to allow contact with a person and to see how they are feeling. Any interaction that they have with another person can open them up to feel what that person’s aura color is.

The colors each have their own depth and meaning and sometimes two colors can be present at once, mixing or even overlapping with one another. Even one color can vary in its luminosity and in its brightness, signifying different things.

Red is the color of the heart, of passion, sexual energy, and power. Orange is the color of emotions and health, signifying excitement and creativity. Yellow is associated with a person’s life energy and it also symbolizes inspiration and playfulness. Green is associated with the lungs and it is a very easygoing color, one that signifies calm and balance.

Blue is the color of intuition and healing, care and love. Purple is the color of psychic energy and is the color most associated with the magical and the visionary. Gold is the color of the divine, often associated with protection. Black is the color of grief and despair; white, in turn, is the color of purity and truth.

While that is just a part of the color rainbow that an aura can hold, these are the strongest and the broadest colors that can be sensed and used to talk about a person’s emotional and physical state.

What color do you associate with yourself? You may find that it’s as easy as looking at your shirt or tie color today; we often decide what clothes and colors we want to wear based on how we’re feeling that day. Try to see what you can sense of your own aura today.

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