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By: J Nighteagle



Choose an incident from your present, positive or negative. This can be an event, an outburst, anything that seems to stand out for you in the past three months. As you focus on it, close your eyes, and envision your totem approaching you.


Allow your totem to lead you back to the day of that event. Observe it, replay it in your mind. Then allow your totem to lead you further back, to show you something that helped lead to that event. Do this at least four times.


Some people find that there are large jumps in time in this exercise. They go back five, sometimes even ten, and find themselves replaying a situation from the past that does not seem connected at all. There is always a connection though. The emotion or before in the past event may be part of a pattern that led to what you experienced recently.


Simply observe. When you return you will have time to contemplate and make the connections. Agin let your totem take you back to the present, past those events. You may wish to have it speak to you, but do not have it melt into you to heal and strengthen, to bring clarification, in the days that follow, on the relationship of events.


It is a good idea to write down the events you encounter in this visualization. Writing them down will help you to draw their essence out of that ethereal mental realm and help you to clarify them in your own mind. Do not be discourage if you do not active results at first.. Persist. As you develop your relationship with your totem through such exercises as these., the ability to use them for both past and future exploration will develop.


Eventually you can use the same process to explore the impact present events will have upon the future. This is a little more difficult, because it is difficult to be objective. There can be a tenancy to project what we want to have occur upon your mind, rather then see the effects that are actually set into motion.



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