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By: Sam Westcott



Gems!! Sounds very small and simple; it is having something very big meaning in it. That is called Spiritual and magical secrets. Here, you will get to know interesting mystical facts about natural gemstones. Gemstones carry spiritual facts as well as its own beauty; you can select any gemstone according your comfort.


Mystical Properties Of Natural Gemstones


Natural gemstones and loose gemstones have been used for many different purposes all over the ages. Different traditions assign different qualities to them. The gemstones have been used by the people in the treatment of diseases and to bring in the peace and prosperity to their lives.


Here a list of gemstones showing with their mystical secrets and interesting properties.


BLUE SAPPHIRE: Blue sapphire interests wealth, name, fame, stamina, good strength, durability and security and safety in life. The main benefits for wearers are improving eyesight and hearing. It removes poverty and mental pressure. It reflects and achieve self-mastery-that is, mastery of mind, emotions, and the physical body.


CAT’S EYE: Cat’s Eye Gemstone works as a shelter from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers to wear. It is a quick active gemstone which gives an immediate effect to their wearers. Helps to contribute enrichment in life as well as in business opportunities. So, fabulous for business man.


RUBY: Ruby attracts name, reputation, quality, strength, temperateness and imperious power to its wearers. After wearing RUBY, it will automatically improve slandered of living.


Emerald: Emeralds enhance intelligence and brain power. It improves issues related to brain such as memory, communication, intuition, the intellect and the ability to learn. It’s very harmful for newly married couples because of its negative impact i.e. reduction in sexual desire in happy conjugal life.


Diamond: it helps to achieve and enriching name, fame, artistic quality of a person and its imaginative quality. All wearers supposed to get a luxurious life like its shiny color. Diamond, with its high glow, represents the refined sparkle and gorgeous looks and beauty.


Yellow Sapphire: Famous for giving wealth, health, eminence, name, and success too. Sapphire stands for healing power most specific in star sign. It helps to enhance the economic status.


Pearl: It reduces the negative impact of the moon. It multiplies fortune and accordingly, a person wearing Pearl enjoys a happy, successful, comfortable and peaceful life.


Topaz: it is a symbolic representation of hope and strength. Blue topaz is the birthstone of December month. It improves vision, gives life security, protects one from poverty, and discards adversity, misfortune and depression.


Red Coral: Red Coral encourages bravery and happiness. It makes a person courageous and a defeater of enemies. It is responsible getting rid of laziness, courage, ambition, strength, technical ability, forcefulness, motivation, charmed beauty, and leadership.





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