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Sunset 01I wanted to write about our personal years which all of our lives operate on and is a nine-year cycle, which keeps repeating itself. Each of these nine years has its own vibration, which cannot be avoided. Each year has its own opportunities, influences, and obstacles. By our knowing what to expect in advance, we can prepare ourselves to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls.

The nine-year cycle is very much like the different stages in a harvest season. One prepares for the next. To have a good harvest, no step can be neglected or left out.

Year One: Planting the Seeds

This is the year for new beginnings and sets the tone for the whole nine-year cycle. It is the time for taking the lead and showing inner strength and courage. Success and happiness come from being independent, creative, and positive; follow your intuitions and instincts. The pitfall to avoid is lack of initiative, which may result in failure and will continue through the whole cycle.

Year Two: The Seeds Are Taking Root

This is the year to be patient, receptive to the ideas of others, and to remain in the background. The pitfalls to avoid are being overly sensitive, argumentative, or pushy.

Year Three: The Seeds Start to Sprout

This is a social and healthy year but can bring emotional stress. It’s time for entertaining, traveling, promoting yourself and cultivating friends. The pitfall to avoid is extravagance, which can lead to financial difficulties in the year. Do not waste energy by scattering your energy. Married people who succumb to a triangle love affair are setting the way for a divorce or separation in the fourth year.

Year Four: Hoeing and Digging

This is the year for limitations, hard work, and high expenses. It’s time to build for the future. Success and happiness will come from self-discipline and putting ideas into concrete form. It’s a good time to deal with property and real estate. The pitfall to avoid is your health.

Year Five: Budding Time

This is the year to flow with changing conditions. Learn to let go and live life on a day-to-day basis. It is a fast paced and accident-prone year. Expect reversals, good to bad and bad to good. Pitfalls to avoid are scattering your energies and misusing your own personal freedom at the expense of others.

Year Six: Blossoming Time

This is the year for domestic and marriage responsibilities. Some chronic illnesses may come to the surface this year. It may be a time of travel difficulties, such as car troubles. The pitfalls to avoid are overly idealistic and argumentative emotions, and expecting too much from others.

Year Seven: The Plants Bear Fruit

This is a year for solitude and rest. It’s time to study your inner self. Success and happiness come from studying the deeper meanings of life. Materialistic pursuits should be avoided. Money will come only if sought after. Pitfalls to avoid are neglecting health and forcing issues.

Year Eight: Harvest Time

This is a dynamic and materialistic year; business will prosper. There can be great gain or great loss depending on how all the other cycles were handled. It’s an excellent time for buying or selling real estate. Money may start to come from unexpected sources. Pitfalls to avoid are those of being sentimental or emotional.

Year Nine: Cleaning Up After the Harvest and Getting Ready for the New Planting Year

This is a cleansing year between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next one. It’s time to get rid of anything that is unwanted or outworn, especially people that you have outgrown. There will be some loss because a relationship may end. Pitfalls to avoid are being jealous or possessive.

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